Education Committee


All strategic and policy-related matters concerning the development and delivery of the University’s educational programme. 

Terms of Reference can be found here.



Professor Helen O'Sullivan

Pro Vice-Chancellor (Education) (in the Chair)

Chair of Teaching Excellence & Student Outcomes Sub-Committee (ex-officio)

Dr Rafe Hallett

Director, Keele Institute for Innovation & Teaching Excellence (KIITE) (Deputy Chair)

Dr Anne Loweth

Pro Vice-Chancellor (Students) (ex-officio)

Professor Pauline Walsh

Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences and Pro Vice-Chancellor (ex-officio)

Professor Jonathan Wastling

Dean of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Pro Vice-Chancellor (ex-officio)

Professor Shane O'Neill

Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and Pro Vice-Chancellor (ex-officio)

Dr Julie Green

Dean of Education, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

Chair of Quality and Academic Standards Sub-Committee (ex-officio)

Professor Tim Lustig

Dean of Education, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Chair of Collaborative Provision & Partnerships Sub-Committee (ex-officio)

Dr Katie Szkornik

Dean of Education, Faculty of Natural Sciences

Chair of Education Policy Sub-Commttee (ex-officio)

Mr Terry Dray

Director for Employability and Employer Engagement

Chair of Student Access and Advancement Sub-Committee (ex-officio)

Ms Mari Chappell

Education Officer, Keele Students' Union

Mr Currie Agyeman, Vice-President of the KPA

President of the KPA or nominee

Dr Helen Galbraith

Academic Registrar and Director of Student and Academic Services

Ms Dorothea Ross-Simpson

Head of Academic Quality and Student Conduct

Mr Simon Rimmington

Director of the Foundation Year Centre

In-attendance: all meetings

Mr Paul Reynolds

University Librarian


Mr Ed McCauley

Quality Assurance Manager


Minutes of meetings and meeting dates

Education Committee minutes University Learning and Teaching Committee minutes
2019-20 2018-19 2017-18
2 October 2019 19 September 2018  27 September 2017
20 November 2019 28 November 2018 29 November 2017
22 January 2020 23 January 2019  24 January 2018
4 March 2020 27 March 2019 28 March 2018
  22 May 2019 23 May 2018
  10 July 2019 18 July 2018

NB: meetings of the Education Committee will be held weekly from Tuesday 5th May until further notice. These meetings will take place on Teams, which is where all papers and agenda items will be published.

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Cover Sheet

Please contact the Committee Secretary, Ed McCauley, for a copy of the latest cover sheet. 


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