Education Committee


All strategic and policy-related matters concerning the development and delivery of the University’s educational programme. 

Terms of Reference can be found here.



Helen O'Sullivan

Pro Vice-Chancellor (Education) (in the Chair)

Chair of Teaching Excellence & Student Outcomes Sub-Committee (ex-officio)

Dr Rafe Hallett

Director, Keele Institute for Innovation & Teaching Excellence (KIITE) (Deputy Chair)

Dr Anne Loweth

Pro Vice-Chancellor (Students) (ex-officio)

Professor Pauline Walsh

Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences and Pro Vice-Chancellor (ex-officio)

Professor Jonathan Wastling

Dean of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Pro Vice-Chancellor (ex-officio)

Professor Shane O'Neill

Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences and Pro Vice-Chancellor (ex-officio)

Dr Julie Green

Dean of Education, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

Chair of Quality and Academic Standards Sub-Committee (ex-officio)

Dr Tim Lustig

Dean of Education, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Chair of Collaborative Provision & Partnerships Sub-Committee (ex-officio)

Dr Katie Szkornik

Dean of Education, Faculty of Natural Sciences

Chair of Education Policy Sub-Commttee (ex-officio)

Mr Terry Dray

Associate Director for Employability and Employer Engagement

Chair of Widening Participation Sub-Committee (ex-officio)

Ms Mari Chappell

Education Officer, Keele Students' Union

Mr Currie Agyeman, Vice-President of the KPA

President of the KPA or nominee

Dr Helen Galbraith

Academic Registrar and Director of Student and Academic Services

Ms Dorothea Ross-Simpson

Head of Academic Quality and Student Conduct

Mr Simon Rimmington

Director of the Foundation Year Centre

In-attendance: all meetings

Mr Paul Reynolds

University Librarian


Mr Ed McCauley

Quality Assurance Manager


Minutes of meetings and meeting dates

Education Committee minutes University Learning and Teaching Committee minutes
2019-20 2018-19 2017-18
2 October 2019 19 September 2018  27 September 2017
20 November 2019 28 November 2018 29 November 2017
22 January 2020 23 January 2019  24 January 2018
4 March 2020 27 March 2019 28 March 2018
3 June 2020 22 May 2019 23 May 2018
15 July 2020 10 July 2019 18 July 2018


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Cover Sheet

Please contact the Committee Secretary, Ed McCauley, for a copy of the latest cover sheet. 


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