Ordinance C1: Keele Students' Union (KeeleSU)

(previously Ordinance XV)

1. There shall be a Students’ Union of the University (hereinafter called KeeleSU) for the promotion of the general interests of all students and to afford a recognised channel of communication between students and the University.

2. There shall be a KeeleSU Code of Practice, approved by the University Council, in fulfilment of the requirements of the Education Act 1994 – Section 22 (Students’ Unions).  In accordance with this Act, Council is responsible for taking reasonable steps to ensure that KeeleSU “operates in a fair and democratic manner and is accountable for its finances”. The Act requires that the University and KeeleSU comply with measures relating to the operation of the Union, in particular relating to its Constitution, membership, elections, sabbatical officers, finances, affiliations, and requirements of the Charites Act 2006, freedom of speech and complaints, in order to ensure that the Union operates in a fair, transparent and democratic manner.  The Code of Practice shall set out how these requirements be achieved.

3. KeeleSU is registered with the Charity Commission as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (charity number 1173328). 

4. As a separate legal entity, KeeleSU is authorised to manage its own affairs and funds within the provisions of this Ordinance, the Union Constitution and Bye-Laws, in addition to statutory legislation.

5. KeeleSU shall have a complaints procedure for all students who are dissatisfied with their dealings with the Union or because of a claim to be disadvantaged having opted out of Union membership. Any student who remains dissatisfied after exhausting all internal complaints procedures in the Union have the right to submit a complaint to the University, which will be considered by Council.

5.1 The University shall have a procedure for handling such complaints – complaints should be addressed to the Secretary to Council who will establish if there is a case for consideration, in line with the procedure.   If a case is found, then the Secretary to Council may make a recommendation on behalf of Council for KeeleSU to provide suitable and proportionate remediation. If a case is found or if the case is more complex, the Secretary to Council may appoint a lay member of Council, as an independent person, to investigate the complaint and make a recommendation to Council for final resolution of the matter.