University Ordinances

Ordinance Index

For September 2019 the Ordinances have been reorganised into a new structure; ordinances have been given a new number and, in some cases, a new title. To support members of the university in becoming familiar with the new numbers we have created a helpful guide for looking up the new ordinances using their former title and/or number. You can find this guide here.

Ordinance Number



Corporate Offices & Governance

Ordinance A1

The Appointment of the Chancellor

Ordinance A2

The Appointment of the Vice-Chancellor

Ordinance A3

The Appointment of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Provost

Ordinance A4

The Appointment of the Executive Deans and the Pro Vice-Chancellors

Ordinance A5

The Appointment of the Senior Administrative Officers

Ordinance A6

Use of the University Seal

Ordinance A7

The Appointment of the Members of Council and Senate

Ordinance A8

Committees of Council and Senate

Ordinance A9

Honorary Degrees and the Joint Committee of Council and Senate


Academic Structure & Governance

Ordinance B1

Academic Structure of the University

Ordinance B2

Faculty Governance

Ordinance B3

Heads of Academic Areas

Ordinance B4

Appointment of the Academic Staff

Ordinance B5

Emeritus Professors & Readers

Ordinance B6

Award and Conferment of Degrees, Diplomas and Certificates

Ordinance B7

Examiners and examinations


Students’ Unions of the University

Ordinance C1

Keele Students' Union (KeeleSU)

Ordinance C2

Keele Postgraduate Association (KPA)


Grievances and Discipline

Ordinance D1

Staff Disciplinary Procedures

Ordinance D2

Staff Grievance Procedures

Ordinance D3

Grievances considered by Council