Senate Approvals Group

Scope:  To award Degrees (other than Honorary Degrees), Diplomas, Certificates and Prizes on behalf of the Senate outside of the scheduled meetings of Senate and any other business delegated to it.

Terms of reference

1.* To approve the award of Degrees (other than Honorary Degrees), Diplomas and Certificates.

2.* To approve the award of Prizes.

3.* To consider any other business delegated to it by the Senate.

The Committee will have regard for the promotion of equality and diversity and will ensure equality of opportunity in the way it conducts itself and in the transaction of its business.

Delegated powers

The Senate Approvals Group has delegated authority to take action under item 1, 2 and 3 (*starred).


Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Provost (in the chair)

Chair of Level 6 Examination Board

Director of Student and Academic Services

Three members of the Senate (one from each Faculty)

Total: 6

In Attendance

Head of Records & Examinations

Secretary: Student and Academic Services

Quoracy: For the transaction of business there must be 4 (four) full members present.



Principal management information needs

Awards lists

Prizes list

Frequency and timing of meetings

Normally once a year (June/July)