Research Committee Agenda



Tuesday 1st November 2011 at 2.15 pm

CM2.08 Claus Moser Building


1.     APOLOGIES AND ABSENCES - Apologies have been received from Dr. Simone Clarke, Director of Planning & Academic Administration.

2.     MINUTES - To approve the minutes of the meeting held on 10th May 2011 (previously circulated)



4.     Research Excellent Framework (REF)

        4.1  REF: Update, Strategy and Issues

        4.2  Keele University Code of Practice for submission of staff in the REF

               To consider the attached draft with has previously been discussed by University Executive

               Committee (18th October) and will be submitted to senate (30th November).

        4.3  Research Institute for Social Sciences: REF, Staffing and Grant Issues

               To recieve the attached paper from Professor Chris Phillipson

        4.4  Response to the REF consultation on draft panel criteria and working methods

               To receive the attached final response from Keele to this consultation (submitted to HEFCE 5th



               To receive the attached University response to the consultation

5.     HEFCE Key Performance Indicators for Research

         To receive the attached proposed KPIs for Research to be used in annual HEFCE reporting and internal

         monitoring and management of research

6.     Research Strategy

        To receive oral report from the Chair

7.     HEFCE Research Capital Funding 2011/12

        To receive the attached paper from the Chair, which was approved at Academic Strategy

        Sub- Committee (11th October)

8.     Remote Location PhDs

        To receive an oral update from the Chair on proposed initiatives to increase the number of

        international research students through Remote Location PhDs.

9.     Report on Research Leave taken in 2010/11

        To receive the attached report from the Research Governance Officer

10.  EU Funding

        To receive an oral report from the Chair in relation to EU funding, the West Midland European

        Service and the UK Research Office day (12th October 2011), and to receive the attached notes

        from WM European Service FP7 meeting (29th October), attended by Research &  Enterprise Services.

11.  Update from Head of Research & Enterprise Services (RES)

       To receive the attached Higher Education Innovation Funding (HEIF) 2011-12 to 2014-15

       Institutional Strategy from Dr Peter Hooper



12.  Research Grant Income

        To consider the attached Management Information report on research grant income, overheads

        and performance against targets.

13.  Recent awards and grant applications

        To consider the attached paper outlining recent research grant successes and grant applications.


14.  GSB Minutes 3 Oct 2011

        To recieve the attached minutes from Graduate School Board (3rd October 2011) and an oral

        update from the Chair.

15.  Postgraduate Students report

        To consider the attached report on PGR submission rates, PGR application and latest enrolments data

16.  Postgraduate Resarch Students Code of Practice

        To consider the attached paper which details proposed changes to the Code of Practice from

        Graduate School Board (3rd October 2011), where it was discussed and recommended for approval. 

        The full revised version of the Code is available electronically from the Secretary.

17.  Independent Chairs

        To receive an oral update from the Chair and consider the issue of the number of Independent Chairs.

18.  Research Student Liaison Committee

        To receive an oral update from the Chair from the first meeting of the Committee held 18th October.

19.  Full Economic Costing (fEC)

        To consider the attached update report from Tim Statham, fEC Management Accountant



        a)  *Research Ethics Sub-Committee minutes 12 Oct 2011

        To receive the attached minutes of Research Ethics Sub-Committee held on 12th October 2011, and

        to note the proposed change to its terms of reference for this committee to also report to University

        Learning & Teaching Committee.

        b)   *Research Governance Minutes 21 Oct 2011

        To receive the attached minutes of Research Governance Committee held on 21st October 2011.

        c)   *Research Staff Committee 28 Sept 2011

        To receive the attached minutes of Research Staff Committee held on 28 September 2011.

21.  Research Committee Terms of Reference

        To consider the attached revisions to the Research Committee terms of reference as part of their

        annual review.

22.  Any Other Business

23.  Date of Next Meeting

        Tuesday 21st February 2012, at 2.15pm