Audit and Risk Committee


The University's internal control systems and financial reporting arrangements, and their adequacy (monitored through internal and external audit) for ensuring economy, efficiency and effectiveness.  A report of the Audit and Risk Committee meetings and an Annual Report will be circulated to Council.  The Terms of Reference can be found here.



Richard Barnes Deputy Pro-Chancellor (in the Chair)


Andrew Harris Appointed by the Council 2016-2019
Sajid Hashmi Appointed by the Council 2017-2021
Sherree Schaefer Appointed by the Council 2016-2020
Peter Harris Co-opted Member 2017-2020
Vacancy Co-opted Member  
In Attendance    
Professor Trevor McMillan Vice-Chancellor in attendance
Paul Buttery Interim Director - Deputy Director of Finance & IT in attendance
Helen Galbraith Secretary to Council in attendance
UNIAC Internal Auditors in attendance
KPMG External Auditors in attendance
Secretary Jo Sylvester (Governance Officer)  


The minutes of the Audit and Risk Committee meetings are not published owing to the confidential and sometimes commercially sensitive nature of the business discussed.