Planning and Academic Administration oversees the management of the Internal Audit provision undertaken by UNIAC and relies on this, other internal activities and the work of other auditors to provide assurance to University Management, Council and Senate on the effective quality management and enhancement function and that sound administrative quality and assurance standards (including relevant governance arrangements) are delivered.

Planning and Academic Administration will also assist University Management with the accomplishment of its aims by providing:

  • risk management, control and governance
  • economy efficiency and effectiveness (value for money)
  •  the management control and quality assurance of data
  •  the framework to manage the quality of learning and teaching and to maintain academic  standards

In carrying out the above, reference is made to the results from the work of the Internal Quality Audit provision and information received from other University feedback mechanisms, as well as external sources such as the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA), HEFCE, professional bodies and external auditors (KPMG).


Memoradum of assurance and accountability

The memorandum of assurance and accountability between HEFCE and the higher education institutions (in England) sets out the terms and conditions for payment of HEFCE grants.
The Audit Code of Practice sets out HEFCE's requirements for institutions' internal and external audit arrangements and gives the broad framework in which they should operate.  The Code is published at Annex A of the Memorandum of Assurance and Accountability.