University Regulations

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Section A - Academic Programme Regulations

The Regulations within this section set out the requirements governing admission of students to the University and the terms and obligations which apply to registered students.  The Regulations within this section contain important information such as the award and structure, module and credit requirements, and academic failure for all categories of programmes of study offered by the University. 

Section B – Candidature, Examination and Finances

This section includes the Regulations relating to programme examinations and assessments, taking a leave of absence and the charging and payment of fees to the University, applicable to all students. This section also contains Regulations that specify the requirements for students to have an immigration status that allows study at the University (within the Regulation on Visas and Immigration). 

Section C – Academic Appeals, Student Complaints and Conduct Regulations

This section contains Regulations relating to academic appeals, outlining the grounds for an appeal and the procedure which must be followed; alongside Regulations governing student discipline, Fitness to Practice and the exclusion of students from the University.  This section also includes the procedure governing extenuating circumstances, whereby the Board of Examiners need to take into account the effect of any illness or serious adverse circumstances on the student’s performance.

Information governing academic misconduct can be found within Regulation 8.12.

This section also includes the Complaints procedure which outlines the procedure to be followed if you are dissatisfied with the standard of service provided by or on behalf of the University.

Section D - General University Regulations

The Regulations within this section set out the University’s governance arrangements conducted by the Committees of Senate and Council; Regulations concerning access to University property, including the Library; use of vehicles and grounds on campus; along with the requirements for students living on and off campus.

Other Policies, Guidance & Codes of Practice

Policies and guidance and codes of practice are supplementary to the Regulations, setting out the procedures to be followed in specific areas.

Admissions Policies

Student Policies


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New and Updated Regulations

The table below provides details of changes and updates made to the University Regulations during the current academic year. Unless otherwise indicated, the changes take effect immediately. Please ensure that you are familiar with any new or revised regulations that apply to your programme of study.

For full details of changes and updates made to the University Regulations during 2016/2017 please follow the link here.

Please contact Fiona Dumbelton for further information.

Tel: 01782 7 33373.



Nature of Change/s

Approved by

 Reg 17

Audit Committee name changed to Audit and Risk Committee

Council 4th May 2017 

 Reg 8

Additions of 2 extra calculators to be allowed in examinations 

Council 4th May 2017 

 Reg 7

Amendments made to the constitution of the University Academic Appeals Committee.

Council 4th May 2017 

Reg 1A, 1B, 1G, 2A, 2B, 2C, 2D, 7, 8, 10, 17. 

Removal of the wording Deputy Director of Planning and Academic Administration.

Council 4th May 2017

Reg 2D

Additions of 11.7, 11.8 to provide Post Doctorial Students with the opportunity to gain a Posthumous or an Aegrotat award.

Council 4th May 2017 

Reg 2C 

Additions of 14.3, 14.4 to provide Post Doctorial Students with the opportunity to gain a Posthumous or an Aegrotat award.

Council 4th May 2017 

Reg 6

Changes to whole regulation to reflect the changes within the UK Immigration Rules and the requirements on the University as a Tier 4 Sponsor. 

Chairs Action March 2017

Reg17(a) 1

Responsibility for Financial Regulations changed to Audit Committee. 

Council 2nd February 2017 

Reg 17(A)3c

SRC: Committee members to consider public interest.

Council 2nd February 2017 

Reg 17(A)4

Responsibility for nominating Directors amended.

Council 2nd February 2017 

Reg 17(B)4

Research Ethics Committee: Protection of Researchers 

Council 2nd February 2017 

Regulation 8.2

Change to wording; addition of smart watches. 

Chairs Action December 2016

Reg 17

Changes to the Terms Of Reference of various committees.

Council 10th November 2016

Reg 10

Student Health and LOA - to take effect from 2017/2018 Academic Year.

Council 10th November 2016

Reg 8.12.12

Academic Misconduct Panel has the same powers as the Discipline Committee. 

Council 10th November 2016

Reg 7 (4)

Minor change to correct numerical reference.

Council 10th November 2016


About the Regulations

These Regulations apply to all members of the University, including students. The Regulations govern the academic functions of the University and form the framework for learning, teaching and assessment and other aspects of the student experience.  They provide direction at a more detailed level than the Statutes and Ordinances. They are established and maintained by Senate, with any new or amended Regulations receiving final approval from the University’s Council.

The University has reserved the right to make changes each year which bind all members of the University, including students.  Any amendments to the Regulations implemented during the current academic year are listed, along with a brief overview, within the section below “New & Updated Regulations”.

The Regulations are part of the formal contract between the University and its students. Students – you are encouraged to familiarise yourself with relevant sections at the start of your studies and consult the Regulations at appropriate intervals during your studies.

The Regulations themselves, as well as key policies and procedures which underpin them, can be found listed below and are divided into a number of sections to assist navigation.