University Ordinances

Ordinance Index


Ordinance I Deleted
Ordinance II Deleted
Ordinance III Deleted
Ordinance IV Awards and Conferment of Degrees, Diplomas etc
Ordinance V Examiners and Examinations 
Ordinance VI Departments and Schools of the University 
Ordinance VII Heads of Departments, Heads of Schools and Heads of Designated Cost Centres  
Ordinance VIII Constitution and Membership of Faculties
Ordinance IX Meetings of Faculties
Ordinance X Deans, Deputy Chairs of Faculties 
Ordinance XI The Vice-Chancellor
Ordinance XII The Deputy Vice-Chancellor and the Pro Vice-Chancellor
Ordinance XIII Emeritus Professors
Ordinance XIV Appointment and Election of Members of the Council and of the Senate
Ordinance XV Students' Union
Ordinance XVI Association of Postgraduate Students
Ordinance XVII Deleted  
Ordinance XVIII Joint Committees
Ordinance XIX Deleted
Ordinance XX Deleted
Ordinance XXI Duties of the Academic Staff
Ordinance XXII Appointment of Professors 
Ordinance XXIII Terms of Office of the Academic Staff
Ordinance XXIV Deleted
Ordinance XXV Disciplinary Procedures 
Ordinance XXVI Appeals Against Dismissal or Disciplinary Findings
Ordinance XXVII Grievance Procedures
Ordinance XXVIII Grievances considered by Council
Ordinance XXIX The Administrative Council
Ordinance XXX Sanction of Officers and Members Procedure