Academic Warnings

The purpose of this policy is to make staff and students aware of the University’s expectations in regard to students’ engagement with their studies.

The University expects all students to engage appropriately with their academic studies by attending compulsory learning and teaching events and examinations and submitting in-course assessments on time.  Students not engaging with their academic studies are issued a series of warnings, which can ultimately result in withdrawal from the University. 


Responsibilities of Students

  • To attend/engage with compulsory learning and teaching activities as specified by the School
  • To notify the School of the reason for an absence normally on the day of the activity or at such time as is specified in the Programme and/or Module Handbook. Each School will specify the method of notification in the Programme and/or Module Handbook.
  • To provide necessary supporting documentary evidence if requested by the School. Where appropriate, for absences of 7 days or more, this documentation may include a doctor’s note.  


Summary of Responsibilities of Schools

See Guidance for Schools (below) for further information.

  • Communicate to all students that their attendance is expected and monitored in relation to compulsory learning and teaching events (which will be specified), using a variety of media.
  • Record when a student misses a compulsory class or assessment deadline (engagement point)
  • Address non-engagement promptly and clearly communicating with individual students
  • Ensure that the necessary steps are undertaken during the informal stage so that cases of persistent non-engagement can be escalated to the formal process no longer than 4 weeks after the first example of non-engagement takes place.
  • Keep robust and secure records of attendance and related communications, ideally on SCIMS, or at least on a secure shared drive on the University server.



If you have any queries concerning the operation of the Academic Warning Policy or the related procedures, please contact:

Laurence Fuller – Head of Student Records and Examinations or ex. 34007

Joanne Hicks – Deputy Head of Student Records and Examinations or ex. 34218


Information for Staff:

Academic Warning Policy

Academic Warning Policy: Procedures for Schools