SAM - a Virtual Student Advisory service

In 2012, Keele University was awarded funding from the Leadership Foundation for Higher Education, the Higher Education Funding Council for England and Jisc to develop a unique virtual student advisory service. The project aims to transform how universities conceptualise and deliver student facing services and brings together expertise from across the sector through working with Staffordshire University and AMOSSHE, the student services organisation. The Student Advisory Model, or SAM as it is affectionately known, is a virtual student advisor rendered as an animated avatar and handling queries through technology already used to support the learning and teaching of students on our Pharmacy programmes. To learn more about our Virtual Patient technology, please visit us here.

SAM offers an innovative and intuitive response to the needs of current and prospective students who now want to be able to access information immediately, wherever they are in the world. The system will enhance, not replace traditional University advice services, providing a platform for students to access advice and information on their own terms whenever they need to, giving traditional services another way to focus on more complex in-person inquiries from students.

Keele University are pleased to be launching SAM to the sector in December 2013.

SAM is ready to answer your questions on now.

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