Below are some Frequently Asked Questions that you might find useful to come to should you have any queries or problems throughout your time in halls of residence. 

How can I be sure I'll get along with those living in my block/corridor?

Coming to university and living in halls of residence is an exciting yet nerve-wracking time for any student. Understandably, you’ll have concerns as to how to make yourself known to those in your block or corridors.

To prevent misunderstandings, it’s probably best to get to know your flatmates as well as possible in the earliest stages of living together. Common topics of discussion are:

  • the use of personal items
  • cleaning and hygiene habits in shared facilities such as kitchens and bathrooms
  • compromising on cupboard and storage spaces
  • lifestyles e.g. socialising, guest visitation, study preferences. 

How do I approach a problem with a flatmate?

First of all, it’s best to consider the possible resolutions to the problem. It’s no use confronting a flatmate with no objective as to how you would like the issue to be resolved. Choose to gently talk about the situation in a neutral setting e.g. on your way to a lecture or in communal spaces. Talk about how you view the situation as well as gain their perspective – they may not even be aware that their behaviours or actions are even a problem. Remember to compromise on resolutions and hopefully you’ll be working towards a more peaceful experience in halls accommodation. 

I've been feeling homesick recently, but don't feel confident to talk to University staff about it. Who shall I turn to?

The Residence Support office team are here to support students living on campus. They also manage a team of student volunteers (Resident Advisers), who are all full-time students with experience of living in halls and away from home. They have been trained in listening to your problems, and helping in any way they can to aid you to overcome any worries, stress or homesickness. Please do get in contact with Residence Support as soon as problems arise; it is best to voice these concerns early to get reassurance and support. 

Alternatively, if you feel comfortable, talking to your flatmates or coursemates may also help. You never know, you may find somebody in a similar situation to you. It’s important to realise you’re not alone facing these problems; many other students may be feeling the same. 

Please remember that no member of university staff (Personal Tutors, lecturers, support services etc) will make you feel uncomfortable for information you choose to disclose. They are able to give you appropriate advice or refer you to somebody else, so we urge to raise whatever matters to whoever you feel necessary. 

Something in my bedroom/our kitchen/bathroom appears to be damaged/out of order, what shall I do?

All faults or issues to do with appliances (in your kitchen, bathroom and bedroom) are dealt with by the Accommodation and Estates team. You can log repair and maintenance requests simply by filling out a form available online on the KLE. Click here for more instructions on how to do this. 

Advice with problems experienced in any off-campus accommodation

Although the Residence Support team typically deals with concerns and issues with students living on campus in halls of residence, the Student Services team are available during office hours (weekdays 9am-5pm) to offer guidance and help to ALL students. From there, they will be able to redirect you to services or individuals that will best be able to help solve your query. 

What other services can I speak to if I have welfare/financial concerns?

The Student Services Centre located in the Tawney building on campus can offer a wealth of support and guidance over issues surrounding disability and dyslexia, money advice, welfare, international queries etc. They can be contacted via telephone, e-mail or by attending a drop-in. Drop in times are 10am-12pm Mondays & Fridays, and from 2-4pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays. Additional drop-in times are also held between 5-7pm on Tuesday evenings.

My halls are too noisy for studying in the evening, how can I confront my flatmates and/or where else can I study?

The upside to living on campus is that, no matter what halls of residence you’re in, you’re not too far away from the library, which operates 24/7 during university term-time.

However, Keele University makes every attempt to ensure you are not unnecessarily disturbed in your Halls of Residence. If you do prefer to study in your room, we would encourage you to speak to those making the noise in the first instance to resolve the matter by gently asking them to respect yours (and others) needs to study or work. If it gets out of hand, your RAs can always be contacted to assist during noisy nights. To request assistance, contact the Campus security team via your halls duty telephone number (below) who will then make sure that you receive the right support.  The Residence Support team can also investigate the matter and take appropriate action where necessary.

Remember, the university operates a zero-tolerance on noise policy during exam periods. 

Halls Duty telephone Numbers:

Barnes - 33782

Hawthorns - 33783

Horwood - 33784

Lindsay - 33785

Holly Cross/The Oaks - 33786

I would like to book the use of the Common Rooms, how can I do this?

Please get in touch with your Accommodation Services Manager for your halls of residence in order to reserve use of the common room spaces on campus.

Please be aware of the rules that apply to these buildings (ie - that they are non-alcoholic spaces).

What can I do if my food and drink go missing?

A huge compromise of space is necessary when it comes to sharing a kitchen and cooking area; it’s not always easy to identify who the culprit is if your food and drink is mysteriously going missing. If you live in a large block - find out which kitchen you are allocated and make sure that your bedroom key, or key on the set that you have been given, locks the kitchen door*.  If this is the case - this is the kitchen that you will have been allocated to.  Then, get together with others in the same situation and draw up a list of rules that you all agree to live by.  Each of you make sure that the door is kept locked when you are not using it.  This will reduce the opportunity for food to go missing.

Ways to deter others from taking your food is to clearly label it up as your own and ensure you use it by its Best Before date as it may be that flatmates are throwing away out-of-date items to accommodate their own groceries. It’s important to store food items well and get rid of mouldy items to avoid contamination and hygiene risks.

Possible solutions to better make use of space are to take it in turns to purchase essentials that everybody can make use of e.g. butter, milk, drinking squash. However, it must be emphasised that this only works if everyone accepts responsibility in this. Store dry, non-perishable foods, as well as cutlery and crockery in your bedroom to allow for more cupboard space if needed.

If problems continue, please contact your Residence Support team who will be able to give you further advice, or may intervene if the problems do not cease.

*speak to your Accommodation Service Manager if you cannot locate your allocated kitchen.

I really don't think I'm compatible with living with my flatmates, how can Residence Support help?

Please contact Residence Support for advice. Here are the ways that you can contact us:

  • Telephone: 34481 from your room telephone or 01782 733481 from an external number
  • e-mail
  • Attending a drop-in. Drop-in times are Mondays and Fridays 10am-12pm, and from 2-4pm on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.

If the suggestions or advice we give doesn’t seem to help alleviate the situation, you may want to request a room move (which is possible to do online via the KLE).

I don't like my room and want to move.

The Accommodation team operate a waiting list to move rooms, and you can put your name down on this via your KLE.

If you believe that you need to move sooner than a waiting list would allow - please come into a Residence Support Drop-In session (Monday & Friday 10am - 12pm, Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 2-4pm) and discuss this with a member of the Residence Support team who may be able to support you in this.

What happens if I breach a policy outlined in my contract?

To avoid putting yourself at risk of breaching contract policies, please ensure you read the Residential Terms & Conditions.

All disciplinary meetings are set up to investigate issues that occur and to decide if there have been any breaches of the University rules.

The Authorised Officer should explain the process as it progresses and give you options to get independent support.  You can access this support from any member of the University community (fellow student, Personal Tutor, Lecturer etc) but we usually recommend that you speak to an advisor at the Advice & Support @ Keele (ASK) team in the Students' Union.  This team are totally impartial from the University and are used to supporting students through these processes.

The discipline process is managed by the Appeals, Complaints and Conduct team and in the event that you have any concerns about the progress of the matter for which you are involved in - you can contact them by e-mailing:

Visit the Student Discipline page for more information.

What if I have a question that isn't listed here?

Additional services within the Student Support Services team may be able to help you with your query – just pop into the Student Services Centre reception and they will be able to help you or, where necessary, redirect you as to who is best to contact. 

Keele’s Accommodation pages also have a handy set of FAQs that you may wish to refer to if you have any questions regarding the more practical parts of living on campus; questions ranging from pets to parking can be answered here!