Research Grants

The Research Grants work closely with the Research Institute Managers, Faculty Research Directors and Finance to process grant applications.  Your Research Institute or Faculty Research Office should always be your first point of contact if you are thinking of making a research grant application.

The Research Grants team provide a final check on grant applications.

Once your application is successfully awarded, the Research Grants team draw up the research funding agreement.  We are currently in the process of moving to the online External Research Funding (ERF) Agreement.  Please see guidance notes for Principal Investigator approval and Research Institute Director approval.

The team provides two key training sessions;

Successfully Crafting Research Grant Applications

Successfully Managing a Research Award

Dates for these sessions are available from the Learning and Professional Development Centre.


Research Data Management

Follow this link for 'good practice in research data management' developed at the University of Edinburgh


Research Professional

Research Professional is an intuitive interface to make browsing for funding as simple as checking your email.

- Shared resources, allowing you to benefit from saved searches and folders of bookmarked items created for you by your administrators.

- Powerful search tools to help you find exactly the funding opportunities and news articles that interest you.   

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