Social Psychological Research Group

The group has a current focus on three core strands of research activity. The first strand is social identity, group processes and inter-group relationships, contact and conflict reduction strategies, trust and cyber-psychology. The second strand is focused on discourse and conversation analysis as this applies to understanding and intervention across a variety of situations. The third strand is focused on developmental issues including understanding bullying in schools and domestic abuse along with social influences on learning and responses to different forms of feedback from teachers. This third strand is coordinated through the Centre for Research with Children and Young People which is led from within the SPRG.

For further information regarding the Social Psychological Research Group, please contact Research Group Lead Dr Masi Noor

We offer a thriving and dynamic environment for both research and teaching excellence. We are proud of our high profile research activity, our external impact, and our strong portfolio of courses. We offer a portfolio of MSc Psychology courses in Applied Social and Political PsychologyChild Development, and Cognition and Cognitive Neuroscience which integrate well with our research themes.