Academic Clinical Fellowships in Public Health

The public health team have an excellent track record in supporting and developing early experience researchers, whilst developing clinical and public health practice. The Public health team in the School of Medicine hold an Academic Contract with Public Health England, providing expert advice and research against priority areas of musculoskeletal health and health inequalities, work and musculoskeletal health, primary care data and prescribing, musculoskeletal and mental health comorbidity, and healthy ageing.

Our epidemiologic research draws on a combination of population surveys with individual consent to linkage to anonymised electronic health record data, Clinical Practice Research Datalink (nationally representative primary care data covering approximately 4.5m population), and CiPCA databases (covering approx. 120,000 local residents in North Staffordshire from 2000-present), and other secondary data sources (e.g. government-sponsored surveys and longitudinal studies). A number of research projects will be outlined and can align with Public Health England priorities. Projects based on the analysis of already collected data will be favoured over those requiring the collection of new data due to time constraints in obtaining Health Research Authority approval. ACFs and CLs will be able to negotiate the specific nature of their research project within these priority areas and constraints. We would expect that the findings from the research project would be presented to PHE and submitted as an original article to a peer-reviewed journal*.