Trade, tourism and international business

The impacts of foreign direct investment, multinational enterprise strategies, firm performance and innovation are features of this group.

Scholars working in microeconomics research address questions in industrial organization and in social welfare. Within the study of the tourism sector, a particular area of expertise is pricing analysis in airline and hotel markets. Scholars also examine localised tourism challenges linked to sustainable tourism, food tourism and the accommodation sharing economy, as well as working conditions.

Research projects include:

  • Static, dynamic and discriminatory pricing in airline markets
  • Flexible sustainable consumption - A study of tourists' food consumption in Cornwall and Wales
  • Testing the impact of festival events on hotel prices and load factors
  • The dynamics of online house prices in UK
  • Entrepreneurship and internationalisation of SMEs
  • Comparative research on working conditions and trade unions in tourism-hospitality industry
  • The intersection of entrepreneurship and organisational behaviour in the Chinese context
  • Outward foreign direct investment from China
  • The internationalisation of R&D