Culture, organisations and markets

Drawing on theories rooted in a variety of philosophical traditions and communications, scholars study accounting in arts organisations but also the place of the arts, specifically music, in an organisation’s culture and marketing.

Within this group we work with the Institute for Social Inclusion and Institute for Global Health underpinning a strong commitment to interdisciplinary perspectives in their research. CASIC researchers engage across disciplines with the public and academics to exchange knowledge and build capacity and impact with creative research methods. Community leadership, volunteering, health in the community and communities in crisis are core areas of investigation. Branding, brand image and employer branding are further areas of study.

Research projects include

  • Learning from Volunteers: The Case of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement
  • Stories of Public Health through local arts-based community engagement
  • Post-disaster reconstruction and community leadership
  • Forum for Rural Research on Health and Wellbeing
  • Brand image, brand image measurements
  • The temporal dimensions of brand equity
  • Experience marketing
  • Co-production and creativity: ethos, typology and innovation in public engagement practice
  • Theoretical and practical implications for cognitive craft skills

The Culture, Organisations and Markets (COM) group is dedicated to the critical study of cultures of work, markets and consumption in the context of social and economic change. There is a strong interest in using qualitative and ethnographic methods and developing interdisciplinary perspectives.