Impact Acceleration Fund

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Mark Bacon
Posted on 18 January 2016

The Directorate of Engagement and Partnerships is pleased to announce the funding of 17 projects via the University's very first Impact Acceleration Fund (IAF).

The pilot scheme is aimed at accelerating and catalysing all types of non-academic research impact and enhancing the process of Keele research outcomes having wider societal impact.

DEP support amounted to £100,000 and the projects funded spanned all disciplines and a wide variety of activities from workshops, performances, visits with partners, summer studentships, validation studies and the facilitation of clinical and industrial collaborations. The funding is specifically targeted to enable the development of collaborations with both businesses and communities and to sow the seeds of more strategic engagement whilst enhancing the exploitation of Keele's world class research.

Projects were funded at three levels:

Explore - seed funding up to £1k, supporting small-scale activities to facilitate the development of external relationships and knowledge transfer

Progress - funding up to £5k, to build, develop or explore an external relationship/collaboration, such as supporting researchers’ time, knowledge exchange secondments, internships.

Advance - funding up to £10k which is matched by an external partner, to further develop a more substantial collaboration.

The funded projects are:

Daria Davitti


Rethinking International Investment Law: Civic Advocacy, Representation and Participation in the International Investment Regime

William Kirk


Enhanced environmentally benign thrips monitoring and control

Alannah Tomkins


Local history and local communities in Staffordshire

Alicia El Haj


Development and Innovation in Quality Assurance metrics and devices for commercialised tissue engineered products used in healthcare applications

Annette Shrive, Trevor Greenhough & Tony Fryer


Improving the accuracy of tests for markers of tissue injury and inflammation

James Tartaglia


Jazz-Philosophy Fusion: taking philosophy to a wider audience through a new medium

Mark Skidmore & Dave Hoole


Low cost, field monitoring of fish disease, infection and damage

Nick Forsyth & Ying Yang


Generation of nanofiber polymer substrates for the culture of stem cells

Peter Andras & Dave Hoole


Improving fish health and quality using chemically modified carbohydrates as novel agents

Richard Darton


Development of inorganic materials with optical properties for generating energy saving coatings and films

Emma Surman


Community empowerment; transforming community experience in relation to food poverty and sustainability

Emme Estacio & Jo Protheroe


Health literacy in the UK: Translating theory and research into policy and action

Jane Krishnadas


Community Legal Outreach Collaboration Keele (CLOCK) - supporting disadvantaged communities

Krysia Dziedzic, Helen Duffy & Rhian Hughes


Improving health outcomes and primary care services for osteoarthritis in primary care

Krysia Dziedzic, Helen Duffy, Simon Somerville, Kay Stevenson & Rhian Hughes


Optimising clinical outcomes and cost-effectiveness of primary care for patients with low back pain

Mim Bernard & Jackie Reynolds


Live Age Festival: Celebrating and showcasing later life creativity

Vladimir Zholobenko


Rapid, accurate and reliable on-site asbestos detection


Please contact Dr. Ann Diskin in DEP for any further information about the projects / scheme.