National Fellowship for Keele Academic

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Posted on 22 April 2013

Krysia Dziedzic, professor of musculoskeletal therapies at the Arthritis Research UK Primary Care Centre is a newly-named fellow of the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) and will promote NICE's work for the next three years.

NICE awards 10 fellowships and 10 scholarships each year to professionals in healthcare, local government or academia who are working to improve the quality of care in their area. The organisation is responsible for driving improvements in health and social care as well developing relevant guidance, standards and information.

Professor Dziedzic worked with NICE on the development of the first osteoarthritis guideline in 2008. She currently leads the MOSAICS (Managing Osteoarthritis in Consultations) study, implementing the guideline in partnership with general practices in the North West Midlands.

Under the fellowship she will work on integrating an update of the NICE osteoarthritis guideline (2013) with the MOSAICS project. She will work with other healthcare professionals and organisations, including the CSP, to disseminate the updated guideline. Professor Dziedzic will then work with NICE experts and stakeholders to develop a summary of guidance on non-pharmacological therapies across key chronic diseases.