The secret code used to bury bad news in the bible

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Posted on 27 February 2013

Burying bad news is a common tactic in modern politics - but researchers from Keele University and Amridge University (USA) say it was actually first used in the Bible in article in Mail Online

The team say the find is the first known use of a technique known as ‘bracketing’, which sandwiches one theme between two mentions of another theme. The technique is commonly used today, such as when bad news is sandwiched between two bits of good news.  Dubbed the 'Genesis Death Sandwich', this pattern offers the first clear example of this common rhetorical structure being used in the text describing the creation of the universe.   

'This is a significant discovery for historians and theologians interested in the Old Testament, and shows that whoever wrote the version of the text that has been passed down to us was clearly employing this rhetorical structure,' said Dr Gordon Rugg of Keele University, who developed a new tool for analysing texts.

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