Keele Research Papers in Nature

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Posted on 04 March 2013

A paper co-authored by Emanuele Nardini, Astrophysics Group, which measured the rate of spin of a supermassive black hole for the first time, was published in Nature this week and hit the national headlines.

The work, "Unambiguous Determination of the Spin of the Black Hole in NGC 1365", is based on the X-ray observation of the active galaxy NGC 1365, performed simultaneously with the XMM-Newton and NuSTAR space telescopes, which made available for the first time high-quality X-ray spectra over more than two decades in photon energy. 

He said: "This allowed us to disentangle the general relativistic effects through a time-resolved spectral analysis, and to measure the spin of the supermassive (like about 2 million suns) black hole in the centre of this striking nearby galaxy."

A paper co-authored by Ruoli Chen, School of Pharmacy, "Tsc1 (hamartin) confers neuroprotection against ischemia by inducing autophagy" has been selected for Advance Online Publication on Nature Medicine's website.