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Posted on 27 October 2013

The HIV and Later Life (HALL) study, funded by the MRC and ESRC through the Lifelong Health and Wellbeing Cross-council Programme, led by Dr Dana Rosenfeld, Senior Lecturer in Sociology and member of Keele's Centre for Social Gerontology, pictured, closed with an end of project community dissemination event at London's University of Westminster.

There was a keynote address by Professor Kevin Fenton (National Director for Health and Wellbeing, Public Health England) and presentations by the HALL team, outlining the project's preliminary findings and considering their implications for clinical practice, physical and mental health, and health policy. The event was attended by over 80 members of the HIV community, including HIV researchers, HIV activists/advocates, members of HIV service and policy organizations, HIV Health Commissioners, and people living with HIV, including older people who had participated in the two-year study.

This successful event followed substantial media coverage of the study's findings on. A full-page article on ageing with HIV, centred on the study, appeared in The Guardian's Society section, and Dr Rosenfeld was interviewed on the BBC Breakfast Show, BBC's Radio 4 Today Show, Radio Five Live, and BBC Radio Scotland, BBC Radio Stoke and 10 other regional BBC stations.  She said: "30 years after the virus was identified, medications are allowing people living with HIV to survive into later years. This coverage, and the number of people attending our dissemination event, speaks to the growing recognition that ageing with HIV is an increasingly important feature of the HIV community and of the ageing of society world-wide. We hope that the HALL project will ground further research into the lives of members of this growing and diversifying group."