Sociology BITES: What is sociology for…?


Posted on 24 February 2010

Keele University’s School of Sociology and Criminology is offering a FREE post-16 conference between 10-3 on March 17th 2010 to explore sociology research by national and international experts.

 The event is sponsored by the Economic and Social Research Council and is part of the Festival of Social Science, which runs between 12th - 19th March.  The Festival is a national series of events intended to engage the public in the exploration of the social sciences.

 The post-16 conference at Keele will introduce students in the region to real-world research conducted by Keele’s national and international experts.  A mix of different curriculum-relevant sessions will be offered using a range of delivery styles and supporting resources. 

 Workshop options include:

  •  Negotiating the edge: voluntary risk-taking and the risk society
  • Crime, Deviance and the Media - the strange case of serial killers
  •   Constructing the Mobile Phone
  •   Witchcraft and the Supernatural in the modern world
  •   The Death Penalty – sociological and criminological perspectives 
  •   What makes a racist thug? 

 Please email: for further information

Chris Stone,

Press Office,

Keele University .

Tel.: 01782 733375