Impact development workshops

Keele University has launched a programme of workships to support academic colleagues to develop impact case studies and to improve the impact of current and future research.

The Impact Accelerator Unit (IAU) based in the Institute for Primary Health Care Sciences at Keele University aims to maximise the benefits of world-leading health and care research by working with stakeholders to create innovations which arise from research, offering solutions to partners’ problems.

They have a commitment to understand their stakeholders’ needs and address areas of uncertainty by finding the best evidence and supporting its implementation into practice. The IAU provides influence and support throughout the entire research cycle. They track key academic outputs from research themes within the Faculty of Health and operate strategies for identifying, gathering, synthesising and linking evidence from research with stakeholders.

By attending this one day workshop, delegates will gain an insight into :

  • How the IAU engages effectively with key stakeholders
  • How to measure and capture research impact
  • Top 10 tips from real life implementation
  • The challenges of being a REF case study author

Please note that this event has now been postponed.