Central Research Ethics Committee (CREC)

The Central Research Ethics Committee (CREC) is administered by the Project Assurance: Research Integrity (PARI) team. It reviews projects that are considered high risk or that present substantive ethical issues as described in the Central REC Review Criteria (PDF, 452kb). The criteria for applying to CREC aims to capture projects in which the intervention creates those criteria (i.e. the intervention introduces a risk of harm as listed under CREC Criteria 4) and had the project not been ongoing the participant / subject wouldn't be exposed to that risk.

Where activity does not meet the criteria for CREC review, this must be reviewed by a faculty research ethics committee (or KIITE EREC).  See ‌Selecting a REC (PDF, 154kb) to help you identify the appropriate REC for your application.

As well as following the instructions on these pages, at all stages of your research project, you should also consider what other guidance or processes might also apply to your research project.