FNS Non-Psy Research Ethics Committee

The Administrator for the Faculty of Natural Sciences (non-psychology) Ethics Committee (FNS non-psy FREC) can be contacted on naturalsciences.ethics@keele.ac.uk.  This Committee reviews projects from applicants, students and staff within the Faculty of Natural Sciences (non-psychology).

To apply to the FNS Non-Psy FREC, the FNS Non-Psy FREC Google Submission Form must be completed.

Detailed standard operating procedures are available to describe how applicants apply to the FNS non-psy FREC and these are broken down into:

Processes to follow when applying for review:

Applicants should consider what other guidance or processes might also apply prior to applying for REC review. These considerations include but are not limited to:

During the research the following processes apply:

At the end of the study applicants should follow the following:

For further information, please see Frequently Asked Questions.