Postgraduate Research Training

Please Note:  Keele University has recently undertaken a major review of its postgraduate research processes, taking into account both internal developments and best practice in the sector. This review has culminated in the new Code of Practice on Postgraduate Research Degrees. Work to update the PGR guidance and forms on this part of the website is ongoing and will be published online at intervals over the next few months, between August 2017 and Spring 2018. We thank you for your patience in the meantime.

The ‌New Website Structure for Postgraduate Research (PDF, 119KB) document provides a breakdown of the revised structure of PGR web pages and signposts you to where you can find particular resources and forms.

If you wish to submit feedback on any of the 'Current PGR Students' web pages, or have questions about any of the guidance documentation or forms, please contact‌.


Training Requirements

All postgraduate research students at Keele are required to undertake some level of research training. The requirements for successful completion of this training are dependent upon when you first registered with the University:

  • Students who registered before 1 August 2013 must take approved Research Training modules to meet the formal minimum module credit requirements for research training (60 for PhDs and MDs and 20 for Masters programmes). The requirement varies depending on the programme you are registered for. You should refer to the Code of Practice and the Research Training Handbook (see below) for full details.
  • Students who registered after 1 August 2013 are not formally required to obtain credits for their Research Training, but they must meet the minimum subject-specific training requirements set by their Research Institute and the institutional reuqirement to engage with personal development and employability skills training at a level at least consistent with Research Council expectations. Again, the Research Training Handbook (see below) contains full information.

Research Training Exemption Request 

Research Training Exemption Request Form (Word, 86KB)

Personal Development and Learning Plan

All postgraduate research students at Keele are required to maintain a Personal Development and Learning Plan (PDLP). The PDLP serves as a record of academic details such as a student's supervisory team, progress through the milestones of the degree (including formal progress reviews), and registration changes. It also includes a section on learning needs and skills development objectives, where students log ongoing research training and skills acquisition as well as training and development completed prior to the degree.

Guidance on maintaining the PDLP is available within the form itself.


Personal Development and Learning Plan (Word, 95KB)

Research Training Handbook

The Research Training Handbook 2015-16 is intended to assist students in identifying where they might find support for their research. Although it is not an exhaustive catalogue of all the training resources available at Keele, it does contain the formal modules approved for research training as well as a selection of courses offered by the Learning and Professional Development Centre.

If you are unsure what training requirements are applicable to you, you should contact your supervisor and your Research Institute/Research Office for further details.

British Library Training

A large number of postgraduate research students will find it helpful during their degrees to access the British Library's extensive collections. The Library has various resources to help researchers in locating information that will be helpful to them. You can access these resources on the Help for Researchers online pages.