Regulation 24: Vehicles


1. Motor Vehicles - General

2. Bicycles - General

3. Motor Vehicle Parking

4. Road Traffic Acts

5. Speed Limits

1. Motor Vehicles - General

a) All vehicles owned or driven by staff and students, visitors or Science Park tenants and their staff must display the appropriate permit clearly in the windscreen of the vehicle to which it relates. Residents parking in Staff Housing areas and their visitors must also display the appropriate permit clearly in the windscreen of the vehicle to which it relates.

b) No vehicle may at any time be left unattended on any campus road (except for eligible users in staff housing areas).

c) Vehicle parking by students, staff and visitors is controlled by the University, and areas where parking is permitted are laid down by notices issued from time to time. Parking on campus roads, verges, grassed areas, footpaths or other areas outside of marked bays is not permitted.

d) Vehicles, improperly parked or causing an obstruction, may have parking charge notices fixed to their windows. A charge (subject to periodic review) will be made to the driver of the vehicle. When the charge is paid within 14 days of the notice issue, a discount of 50% will be allowed from the amount payable (subject to periodic review). In accordance with the provision of the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012, in the absence of the driver of the vehicle being identified, the keeper of the vehicle will be liable for any charges imposed.

e) The University reserves the right to commission an external authority to collect and enforce such charges by civil process and to adjudicate on appeals against the issue of such charge notices. In the event of such appeal being dismissed, the vehicle driver or keeper will have the right of appeal to the national independent appeal authority. In such cases, the discount on the amount payable will not be available and appeals dismissed during this process will be charged for the full amount.

f) The University reserves the right to limit the number of permits issued. The University Transport and Parking Management Policy outlines the criteria for eligibility for permits and other parking authorisation and must be referred to in conjunction with this Regulation.

g) The University does not guarantee the availability of parking space for each permit holder at all times. However, parking management policy will endeavour to maintain adequate availability. The University does not accept any liability for any theft or damage to or from vehicles whilst driven on the campus.

h) The University will take account of staff and students with disabilities to accommodate evidenced need to access travel to and from and across Campus. Registered holders of the ‘Blue Badge’ are entitled to use marked disabled parking spaces without restriction. Staff and students who provide appropriate medical evidence of temporary or fluctuating mobility restrictions will be issued with temporary ‘disabled permit’. This will be to enable recuperation and/or application for inclusion on the national ‘Blue Badge’ disabled persons permit Scheme.  Decisions on eligibility for such concessions will be by the Head of Security and the Student Disability Advisor or the Occupational Health Manager.

2. Bicycles - General

a) Bicycle storage areas are located at various locations around campus. Bicycles must not be introduced into the buildings. Anyone doing so will be liable to discipline action and will have to pay the cost of any damage caused.

b) Bicycles may not be ridden on the paths or pedestrian areas, unless a designated cycle pathway.

c) Students intending to keep a bicycle whilst in residence in Halls must register their bicycle with Security.

3. Motor Vehicle Parking

a) Staff

Members of staff wishing to use staff car parks must apply to the Head of Security for the appropriate permit. Permits are normally issued for each financial year or other appropriate period.

b) Students

      i) Any student who wishes to bring a motor vehicle into the grounds must apply immediately to the Security Manager for a permit and must display this permit on the vehicle to which it relates. The permit will be for one academic year at a time and new application must be made at the beginning of each academic year.

      ii) Students’ permits may be suspended at any time by the Residential Managers for a maximum period of 28 days and may at any time be revoked by the Vice-Chancellor (see Regulation 20.7) whether or not the permit is suspended.

      iii) Students will not be allowed to have more than one vehicle registered in their name. Students are not permitted to make application for a permit on behalf of another student. Permits are issued for the sole use of the applicant.

      iv) Restrictions on those areas in which student vehicles may be parked are published annually.

      v) Students wishing to change their vehicle must inform the security and obtain a replacement permit for which a charge will be made to cover printing and administration costs.

Staff and Students

c) The University’s Security staff shall have the authority to ask questions of any driver if they have reason to suppose the regulations are being broken and to report their findings to the Vice-Chancellor or other appropriate authority.

d) A parking permit must be displayed which indicates whether the holder is a member of staff or a resident of staff housing or an official visitor or a student.

e) Students, and staff not resident on campus, are not permitted to park in staff housing areas under any circumstances.

4. Road Traffic Acts

The provisions of the Road Traffic Acts apply inside the University grounds. Any member of staff or student using a vehicle on the campus or making an application for a parking permit must produce a valid driving licence, insurance certificate and vehicle test certificate when required by University security staff or those responsible for issuing parking permits.

5. Speed Limits

The speed limit of 20 m.p.h. in force within the University grounds must be strictly observed in the interests of the protection of all road users and pedestrians. Repeated breach of this restriction may result in disciplinary action including revocation of the right to issue of a parking permit.

Note: For the purposes of this Regulation a motor-cycle is regarded as a vehicle.


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