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Keele University (UK)

Keele University is a UK government-funded university which was founded in 1962.  The university will serve as the lead for the project, managed by Dr. David Gadd who is a Senior Lecturer in Criminology and a leading expert in domestic abuse and interventions to tackle it.  He works closely with Dr. Claire Fox, who is a Lecturer in Pyschology at Keele University and is a leading expert in the evaluation of interventions designed to prevent violence and bullying.  Dr. Fox has previously produced research for the NSPCC.  Together, they have formed a long standing relationship with ARCH.

The Directorate General for Gender-Based Violence Prevention,  Youth Prevention and Juvenile Crime, Region de Murcia (Spain)

The Directorate General for Gender-Based Violence Prevention,  Youth Prevention and Juvenile Crime is the autonomous body within the Murcia Regional Government which is responsible for all policies related to women, including the prevention of violence against women, support to female victims of domestic abuse and their children, and their coordination with related services. 

The Malta Regional Development and Dialogue Foundation (Malta)

The Malta Regional Development and Dialogue Foundation was created in 2008 and focuses on sustainable regional development and promoting social dialogue. 

The Association Du Côté des Femmes de Haute-Garonne (France)

The association does extensive work to promote gender equality, women's rights and the eradication of violence against women.  

West Midlands European Centre

West Midlands European Centre (WMEC) brings together partner organisations to engage in evolving EU policy and legislation which will impact on the region and to participate in EU funding opportunities to support regional priorities.  These partner organisations fund the organisation.  WMEC will assist with the Brussels/European dissemination aspects of the project.   Furthermore, it will use its considerable links in Brussels within the EU Institutions and with NGOs and other educational stakeholders, as well as direct links across the EU 27 and LLP eligible countries to disseminate news and information about the project.


ARCH is a grassroots NGO based in the West Midlands which provides services to victims of domestic violence, drug users, refugees and asylum seekers, and homeless people.  For the past five years, ARCH has been running an educational intervention for children called "Relationships Without Fear", which involves a mixture of role-play activities, video discussion, theatre, and tuition and can be delivered to children of all ages.  ARCH will contribute to REaDAPt by sharing their expertise with working with children and young people and delivering intervention work safely in conjuction with other service providers, such as criminal justice agencies and youth services.