Please expand the boxes below to find out more about the support that is offered by the RaISE Team to help you develop and deliver your project.

What type of projects do the RaISE team support?

The RaISE Team will help with all academic projects involving external partners or funders. This includes:

  • Research projects, e.g. research grant applications, studentships and consultancy agreements
  • Commercial projects, e.g. CPD arrangements, knowledge transfer partnerships and contract research
  • Teaching & learning projects, e.g. teaching collaborations
  • Anything for which a contract is required, except:
    • Buying-in services, for which you need to speak to Procurement; or
    • Employment contracts, for which you need to speak to HR.

If in doubt, contact the RaISE Team (see How do I get support) and we will help you decide what type of support you need.

What support does the RaISE team offer?

The RaISE Team is the professional services team responsible for supporting the development of academic projects involving Keele and its external partners.

The RaISE Team:

  • Works with the University’s senior leadership team to develop strategic initiatives to facilitate research and innovation activities across the University
  • Works with faculty Deans & Associates to support the development and delivery of Faculty research strategies
  • Helps academics to plan their project in the development phase
  • Organises project costings for grant applications and prices consultancy projects
  • Advises academics on support requirements and ensures that the project is deliverable
  • Puts in place any contracts required to deliver the project
  • Guides academics through activities required to meet regulatory requirements.



The RaISE Team works with other professional services and Faculty Teams across the University to provide an integrated service. We operate a no wrong door policy and if we can’t provide you with support, we will connect you with the appropriate area/individual that can.



The RaISE Team provide professional services support to develop academic projects up to the point at which a grant is awarded and/or the contract for a project is signed.

Once a project is up and running, you are responsible for ensuring effective delivery and financial management of the project.  You will receive administrative support for procurement, marketing and HR matters in line with local Faculty processes. The Research Accounting Team in Finance will provide support around the financial management of your grant.

Some projects require extensive ongoing project management or administrative support. Your RaISE Project Lead will be able to advise on whether this is the case for your project and will work with you to ensure adequate resource is built into the project proposal.

The diagram below shows how the teams across the University work together to deliver an integrated service.

What is the role of the academic lead?

The overall accountability for the academic integrity and successful development and delivery of the project in accordance with funder and University requirements lie with you as the Academic Lead.

The RaISE Team is there to support you in meeting these requirements and will steer the projects through the University’s project development processes to ensure you have appropriate professional input during the development stage.