Research Operations

The Research Operations team aims to maintain oversight of the University’s research portfolio throughout its lifetime, from initial inception through to project execution and final closure.  The team works closely with all other RaISE teams to ensure that the University has accurate information on which to base its strategic decisions and respond to consultations and government requirements, such as the forthcoming Research Excellence Framework (REF) exercise.

Amongst its roles, the team aims:

  • To retain high-level oversight of the delivery and progress of all University research projects
  • To manage and support the University’s Research Excellence Framework (REF) submissions
  • To support the University’s Open Access activities
  • To generate, analyse and disseminate management information on research performance in order to enhance research quality and support the development of Faculty Research Strategies
  • To support Faculty and University Research Committees and REF steering groups by providing up-to-date information on research performance
  • To manage faculty RaISE meetings and provide management information needs