Research Governance

What is Research Governance?

In broad terms, research governance is a process which sets standards for research, defines mechanisms to deliver standards and describes monitoring and assessment arrangements. 

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The Research Governance Framework for Health and Social Care

In response to high profile incidents of research misconduct, the DoH developed the Research Governance Framework for Health and Social Care to address weaknesses in the way clinical research was organised and to regain public confidence in clinical research.  The framework first came into effect in April 2001 and a second edition was published in April 2005.

The framework defines the broad principles of good research governance and is key to ensuring that health and social care research is conducted to high scientific and ethical standards.  These principles are presented in five domains:-

  • Ethics
  • Science
  • Information
  • Health, safety and employment
  • Finance and intellectual property

Why is it required?

Research governance improves research and safeguards the public by:-

  • Enhancing ethical awareness and scientific quality
  • Promoting good practice
  • Reducing adverse incidents and ensuring lessons are learned
  • Preventing poor performance and misconduct

Who does it apply to?

Research Governance is for all those working in health and social care research environments and it applies to a wide range of individuals including those who design research studies, participate in research, host research in their organisation, fund research proposals, manage research and undertake research.

Research Governance at Keele University

Keele University is a research active university which demonstrates and promotes a quality research culture. 

Keele University has developed and implemented a number of systems and procedures to ensure adherence to the standards and good practice set out in the Research Governance Framework for Health and Social Care.  Examples include the establishment of the Independent Peer Review Committee and the development documentation for sponsorship arrangements.

If you have any queries regarding research governance or the systems/procedures in place at Keele University please contact:


Research Integrity team