NB: the programme specifications published on this page provide information about Keele's taught postgraduate programmes. Please note that in some cases specific documents apply to different years of entry.

Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

Programme Specification
N/A (Faculty-wide)

Professional Doctorates (Health) 2020-21 EntryProfessional Doctorates (Health) 2020-21 Entry

Allied Health Professions

Advanced Physiotherapy 20-21 entry

Advanced Physiotherapy 18-19 entry

Advanced Physiotherapy (Cardio-respiratory) 18-19 entry

Advanced Physiotherapy (Neurology) 20-21 entry

Advanced Physiotherapy (Neurology) 18-19 entry

Applied Clinical Anatomy

Health Sciences

Neurological Rehabilitation

Neuromusculoskeletal Healthcare

Pain Science & Management

Physiotherapy 17-18 entry


Doctorate in Medicine (DM)

Health Professions Education (2018/19 entry)

Health Professions Education: Assessment and Accreditation

Medical Education MA (2019-20 Entry)

Medical Education

Medical Education PGCert (Distance Learning)

Medical Science (MMedSci) 2019-20 entry

Medical Science (MMedSci) (2018/19 entry)

Physician Associate Studies MSc 

Nursing and Midwifery

Advanced Clinical Practice (2019-20 Entry) incl Apprenticeship route

Advanced Clinical Practice (2018-19 Entry onwards)

Advancing Professional Practice (2018-19 onwards)

Nursing MSc (Adult, Children's, Learning Disability, Mental Health)

Rheumatology Practice

Specialist Community Nursing (District Nursing)

Specialist Community Public Health Nursing (all pathways) 

Pharmacy and Bioengineering

Advanced Practice - January 2018 onwards

Bioengineering MRes (2020-21 Entry)

Biomedical Engineering - 2018/19

Cell and Tissue Engineering - 2019/20

Cell and Tissue Engineering - 2018/19 

Clinical Pharmacy Practice - January 2018 onwards

Medical Engineering Design

Pharmaceutical Development with Business Management

Professional Doctorate in Pharmacy DPharm

‌Outgoing programmes:

Advanced Professional Practice

Clinical Pharmacy

Community Pharmacy

Prescribing Studies

Primary, Community and Social Care

Counselling and Psychotherapy MSc (all routes) 2018-19 entry

Graduate Certificate in Counselling

Social Work MA (2019-20 Entry)

Social Work MA (2018/19 entry) 

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Programme Specification

Contemporary Literature and Film

Creative Music Technology

Creative Writing

English Literature

Global Media & Culture

Global Media and Management 2019-20 Entry

Global Media & Management 


Humanities MRes (2018-19 entry)


Keele Business School

Accounting & Financial Management MSc 2020-21 Entry

Accounting & Financial Management 2019-20 Entry

Human Resource Management 2019-20 Entry

Human Resource Management

International Business MSc (2020-21 Entry)

International Business MSc (2019-20 entry onwards)

Leadership & Management PgC

Management MSc (2020-21 Entry)

Management MSc (from 2019-20 entry onwards)

Marketing MSc

Master of Business Administration (Senior Leader) (MBA)

Master of Business Administration (MBA) (Direct Funded)


Child Care Law and Practice 17-18 entry

Human Rights, Globalisation and Justice 17-18 entry

International Law LLM 2019-20 Entry

International Law 17-18 entry

Law and Society LLM (2019-20 Entry)

Medical Ethics and Law 17-18 entry

Medical Ethics and Palliative Care MA 19-20 entry

Medical Ethics and Palliative Care 17-18 entry

Safeguarding Adults 17-18 entry

Social, Political and Global Studies

Criminology and Criminal Justice MA

Education MA - 2019/20

Education MA - 2018/19

Education - PGCE (Academic Award) 2019-20 entry

Education - PGCE (Academic Award)

Education - PGCEi (International) 18-19 Entry onwards

Education (International)

Education MBA

Higher Education Practice MA 19-20 Entry

Higher Education Practice MA 

MRes Philosophy (2018-19 entry onwards)

Politics and International Relations MA/MRes (2018-19 entry onwards)

Politics and International Relations MA/MRes Prog Spec (2020/21 entry onwards)

Professional Doctorates (Education, Social Work, Criminology and Health Science)

Social Science Research Methods MRes 2019-20 Entry

Social Science Research Methods MRes 18-19 Entry

Faculty of Natural Sciences

Programme Specification
Chemical and Physical Sciences Analytical Science for Industry 
Computing and Mathematics

Advanced Computer Science 17-18 entry 

Smart Energy Management

Geography, Geology and the Environment

Environmental Sustainability & Green Technology

Geographical and Environmental Research

Geoscience Research  

Life Sciences

Biomedical Blood Science 17-18 Entry

Biomedical Science Graduate Diploma

Biomedical Science MSc (2019-20 Entry)

Molecular Parasitology & Vector Biology 


Psychology MSc (2019-20 Entry)

Psychology MSc (all routes) - 2018/19 entry