Current External Examiners

Academic Year 2019/20 (updated 5th February 2020)

The lists below display External Examiners currently employed by Keele University. 

The most recent reports completed by External Examiners and responses to their reports made by the University are published under the 'Reports and Responses' section of these webpages (internal access only).

Undergraduate external examiners

Keele Business School


Mark Wordley - Loughborough University

Business Management

Edward Granter - University of Birmingham

Business Management & Finance


Simona Mateut - University of Nottingham

Human Resource Management

Christopher Forde - University of Leeds

International Business Management

Elina Meliou - Aston University


Delia Vazquez - University of Manchester

Martin Hingley - University of Lincoln


School of Allied Health Professions


Iain Beith - Kingston University

Radiography (Diagnostic Imaging) 

Andrew England - University of Salford

Rehabilitation and Exercise Science

David Rhodes - University of Central Lancashire


School of Chemical and Physical Sciences


Ian Stevens - University of Birmingham


Medicinal Chemistry

Melanie Britton - University of Birmingham

Ann Chippindale - University of Reading

Andrew Regan - University of Manchester

Forensic Science

Forensic Science & Criminology

Forensic & Analytical Investigation

Jose Gonzalez-Rodriguez - University of Lincoln

Emma Rixon - Nottingham Trent University 


Helen Heath - University of Bristol


School of Computing and Mathematics

Computer Science 

Floriana Grasso - University of Liverpool

Peter Lewis - Aston University

MComp Computer Science

Simon O'Keefe - University of York

Data Science (Apprenticeship)

James Xue - Northampton University



Joel Haddley - University of Liverpool

Peter Rowlett - Sheffield Hallam University

Richard Tew - University of Nottingham


School of Geography, Geology and the Environment

Environment and Sustainability

Environmental Science

Simon Kemp - University of Southampton

Geology & Geoscience

Nigel Mountney - University of Leeds

Rebecca Williams - University of Hull

Human Geography

Rebecca Elmhirst - University of Brighton

Physical Geography

Simon Carr - University of Cumbria 

Natural Sciences

Susan Crennell - University of Bath


School of Humanities

American Studies

Andrew Johnstone - University of Leicester

Theresa Saxon - University of Central Lancashire

English Literature

English Literature and Creative Writing

Lucienne Loh - University of Liverpool

Marcus Nevitt - University of Sheffield

Film Studies

Brian Baker - Lancaster University


Richard Cust - University of Birmingham

Jonathan Saha - University of Leeds

Danica Summerlin - University of Sheffield

Media, Communications and Culture

Rinella Cere - Sheffield Hallam University


Michael Spitzer - University of Liverpool

Music Technology

Monty Adkins - University of Huddersfield


School of Law


Mark Edwards - Sheffield Hallam University

David Hodgkinson - De Montfort University

Panos Kapotas - University of Portsmouth

Lisa Whitehouse - University of Hull

Gary Wilson - Liverpool John Moores University


School of Life Sciences

Applied Biomedical Science

Michael Palmer - Nottingham Trent University


Katherine Rogers - Queen's University, Belfast


Richard Wall - University of Bristol

Biomedical Sciences

Allison Green - University of York

Human Biology

Aditi Kahere - University of Liverpool


Lucy Donaldson - University of Nottingham


School of Medicine

Senior External Examiner

Richard Fuller - University of Liverpool

Year 1

Susan Anderson - University of Nottingham

Mark Tarrant - University of Exeter

Year 2

John Jenkins - University of Liverpool

Year 3

Paul De Cates - University of Warwick

Michael Tarzi - University of Sussex

Year 4

Eleanor Grogan - Newcastle University

Andrew Brown - University of York

Year 5

Christopher Conlon - University of Oxford

Minal Singh - University of Manchester


School of Nursing and Midwifery


Lesley Briscoe - Edge Hill University

Adult Nursing

Janice Campsie - Cardiff University

Ivan McGlen - University of Central Lancashire

Children's Nursing

Jill Snodin - Edge Hill University

Clinical Practice

Carl Clare - University of Hertfordshire

Colm Treacy - Kingston University

Health and Wellbeing

Jacqueline Watts - The Open University

Learning Disabilities Nursing

John Turnbull - University of Northampton

Mental Health Nursing

Jim Dooher 

Nursing Associate

Valerie Nixon - University of Worcester


School of Pharmacy and Bioengineering


Stephanie Myers - University of Sunderland

Harsha Parmar - University of Manchester

H. Rheinallt Parri - Aston University

Pharmaceutical Science, Technology and Business


Paul McCarron - Ulster University


School of Primary, Community and Social Care

Social Work 

Caroline Lee - Birmingham City University 


School of Psychology 


Chris Moulin - Université Grenoble Alpes
Robbie Sutton - University of Kent


School of Social, Political and Global Studies


Deborah Drake - The Open University

Simon Pemberton - University of Birmingham 


Christine Rogers - University of Kent

International Relations 

John MacMillan - Brunel University

International Governance and Public Policy (BFSU)

Alex Nunn - University of Derby

Liberal Arts

Shelley Budgeon - University of Birmingham


Michael Brady - University of Glasgow


Michael Holmes - Liverpool Hope University


James Moir - Abertay University

Foundation Year external verifiers

Business Colleen Heaton - Sheffield Hallam University 
Non-Science Willy Kitchen - University of Sheffield
Science Anna Barney - University of Southampton
Catherine Marshall - Durham University

Language Centre external examiners

English for Academic Purposes Martin Seviour - Nottingham Trent University
Chinese Wendy Che - Oxford University

Sandra Salin - Newcastle University 

German Dorit Fellner - University of Manchester
Japanese Junko Kasai - King's College London
Russian Ekaterina Chown - Durham University
Spanish M. Esther Lecumberri - Regent's University London

Postgraduate external examiners

Keele Business School

Accounting and Financial Management 

Danture Wickramasinghe - University of Glasgow 

Human Resource Management

Industrial Relations

Susan Durbin - University of the West of England


International Business

Susan Milner - University of Bath


Tracy Harwood - De Montfort University

MBA (Senior Leaders)

Luqman Jimoh - The Open University


School of Allied Health Professions

Health Sciences

Paul Hendrick - University of Nottingham

Neuromusculoskeletal Healthcare 

Pain Science and Management

Liba Sheeran - Cardiff University

Advanced Physiotherapy

Neurological Rehabilitation 

Applied Clinical Anatomy

Kathryn Mares - University of East Anglia


John Stephens - Northumbria University 


School of Chemical and Physical Sciences

Analytical Science for Industry

Alison Nordon - Strathclyde University


School of Computing and Mathematics

Advanced Computer Science

Simon O'Keefe - University of York


School of Geography, Geology and the Environment

Environmental Sustainability & Green Technology

Philip Murphy - University of Leeds 

Geographical and Environmental Research

Geoscience Research

Becky Briant - University of London 

Geographical and Environmental Research

Rebecca Elmhirst - University of Brighton


School of Humanities

Creative Writing

Vanessa Harbour - University of Winchester


Contemporary Literature and Film

MRes Humanities - English

David Ellis - Oxford Brookes University

Global Media and Culture

Global Media and Management

Vera Slavtcheva-Petkova - University of Liverpool


MRes Humanities - History

Richard Cust - University of Birmingham

Jonathan Saha - University of Leeds

Dancia Summerlin - University of Sheffield

MRes Humanities - Senior External Examiner Maria Lauret - University of Sussex
MRes Humanities - Media, Communications and Culture Rinella Cere - Sheffield Hallam University


MRes Humanities - Music

Michael Spitzer - University of Liverpool


School of Law

Child Care Law and Practice

Annika Newnham - Reading University

Human Rights, Globalisation and Justice

Devyani Prabhat - University of Bristol

International Law

Richard Collins - University College Dublin

Law and Society

Atina Krajewska - University of Birmingham

Medical Ethics and Law

Jonathan Ives - University of Bristol

Medical Ethics and Law

Medical Ethics and Palliative Care

Stephen Smith - Cardiff Univeristy

Safeguarding Adults - Law, Policy and Practice

Kirsty Keywood - University of Manchester


School of Life Sciences

Biomedical Blood Science

Ciaren Graham - Queen's University Belfast


School of Medicine

Health Professions Education (FAIMER)

Laura Delgaty - Newcastle University

Medical Education

Stella Howden - University of Dundee

Medical Science

Adam Gordon - University of Nottingham

Katherine Linehan - University of Sheffield

Physician Associate Studies

Adele Hill - Plymouth University


School of Nursing and Midwifery

Advancing Professional Practice / CPD

Advanced Clinical Practice

Rheumatology Practice 

Sheila Cunningham - Middlesex University 

Adult Nursing

Chris Allen - University of Southampton

Specialist Community Nursing - District Nursing

Donna Edwards - De Montfort University

Specialist Community Public Health Nursing

Cathy Taylor - Swansea University

School of Pharmacy and Bioengineering

Advanced Practice

Doctorate in Pharmacy

Julie Morgan - University of Bradford

Biomedical Engineering

Cell and Tissue Engineering

Medical Engineering

Philip Riches - University of Strathclyde

Clinical Pharmacy

Anita Weidmann - Robert Gordon University

Research Techniques

Andrew Lamb - Robert Gordon University


School of Primary, Community and Social Care

Counselling and Psychotherapy

Fay Short - Bangor University

Social Work

Jane Dalrymple


School of Psychology


Christine Broughan - Coventry University


School of Social, Political and Global Studies

Criminology and Criminal Justice

Paul Crawshaw - Teeside University 


Mary Richardson - University College London

Education PGCE Academic Award Primary

Joanne Wright - Southampton University

Education PGCE Academic Award Secondary

Mike Bird - University of Chester

Education PGCE International

Snezana Lawrence - Anglia Ruskin University

Higher Education Practice Rowena Murray - University of the West of Scotland
Politics and International Relations James Ellison - Queen Mary, University of London
Philosophy  Michael Brady - University of Glasgow
Professional Doctorate - Criminology and Criminal Justice Phil Clements - University of Portsmouth
Professional Doctorate - Education Michael Thomas - University of Central Lancashire
Professional Doctorate - Social Work Michael Lavalette - Liverpool Hope University
MRes Social Science Research Methods Judith Aldridge - University of Manchester


International Study Centre external examiners

Business and Management Lawrence Bellamy - University of Sunderland
Computer Science Kevan Buckley - University of Wolverhampton
Economics and Finance John Embery - Leeds Beckett University
English Language Walter Nowlan - Nottingham Trent University
International Relations Andre Barrinha - University of Bath
International Foundation Year Mark McQuinn - University of London
Media and Communications Poppy Wilde - Birmingham City University