Keele Information for Partner Staff & Students

As part of the wider Keele University community you have access to a number of support facilities and e-resources. All information can be found online through the Keele website but to help you find the information you need, all relevant advice and links have been grouped below. 

University Regulations & Policies

Please see below links to relevant policies and the University’s Regulations.

- University Regulations

Policy Areas

Student Policies

Teaching and Assessment Policies

Information (IT/Records/Networks)

- Research Policies

- Staff Policies

Student Support & Learning Resources

For staff and students at partner institutions, it is possible to access a broad range of support services and resources remotely, visit the Support Services webpages for more information or the Student Services webpages for information specifically for students.  

Student Voice & Representation

Student Voice Representatives

There may be arrangements in place to support students in feeding back about the learning experience and more general University experiences. These arrangements may be local arrangements or may adopt the Keele University Student Academic Representative System. You can find out more about Student Voice Representatives here.

If you are a student you can check with your Course Tutor what schemes are in operation at your institution.

Arrangements for student representation will be negotiated when establishing the academic partnership between Keele and the partner.  

Student Staff Voice Committee

Keele also runs regular Student Staff Voice Committees throughout the year that provide a forum for staff and students to discuss the student experience, both in terms of their learning and also other matters that may need to be voiced regarding a student’s wider University experience. Similar arrangements may be in place at your institution, if you are a student you should check with your Course Tutor.

Arrangements will be negotiated when establishing the academic partnership between Keele and the partner. 

Link Tutor Meetings

Keele University Link Tutors will often visit a partner institution each academic year. During their visit they will endeavour to meet with students and hold meetings, teaching & training sessions and speak to students about their experiences.

Keele University Students’ Union

The Keele University Students’ Union provides and hosts a number of support schemes and information for students studying on a Keele award. To find out more please visit the Keele Student’s Union website.   

External Examiners

External Examiners play a key role in safeguarding the academic standards of the programmes offered at Keele. The role is undertaken by an external independent expert who will offer impartial advice and commentary that contributes to the enhancement and development of Keele programmes. Feedback will consider the student experience, ensuring that programmes are in line with national standards and assessment processes are applied vigorously and fairly.

If you are studying on a Keele award you will be able to view External Examiner feedback and the Schools response, via the External Examiner Report completed each year.

The report is made available online at the Keele University website, to view it please visit the External Examiner Reports and Responses webpage. (Please be note you will need a Keele University ID to access the reports). 

Staff Development & Support

The University is committed to assisting with staff development for staff at partner institutions.

The University has established a series of online staff development courses which offer an introduction to the University and a useful insight into key policies and processes. Staff at partner institutions will be expected to complete certain learning units prior to teaching on a Keele programme or over the course of their time as a tutor on a Keele programme. The Keele Link Tutor will provide further details and support. 

Staff at partner institutions involved with the delivery of Keele awards are also entitled to attend events and courses offered by the Keele Institute for Innovation in Teaching Excellence (KIITE) on the Keele campus.

The University may also offer other online training to support further development of partnership staff’s professional practice.