Collaborative Provision Processes

For any collaborative arrangement leading to credit or an award of the University, Keele takes ultimate responsibility for academic standards and the quality of learning opportunities, irrespective of where these are delivered or who provides them. To ensure that the University is able to mitigate risk when delivering collaborative provision arrangements, the University has defined a shared understanding of the nature of collaborative provision, articulated through a Code of Practice‌. The Code of Practice clarifies the necessary quality assurance requirements to ensure the University meets its responsibilities as a UK degree awarding body and its duty of care and contractual obligations to students, external stakeholders and partner institutions. 

Short summaries on key definitions and processes can be found following the links below. For detailed information on the University’s quality assurance processes in regard to collaborative provision please see the Collaborative Provision Code of Practice 2019‌. Forms and guides can be found on the Forms and Guides webpage.