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The CARD review process for 2015/16 has been completed and reports can be found via the 'CARD reports 2015-16' link in the left-hand menu (NB - please note that all reports are restricted to internal access only)

Information for staff about the CARD process in 2016/17 is provided via the drop-down boxes below.

What is CARD?

CARD (Curriculum Annual Review & Development) is Keele's annual monitoring process for all taught provision. It was first introduced in 2008 and was revised in 2014/15.

CARD is based on the outcomes of a programme review meeting, conducted by the teaching team and led by the programme director, held close to the end of the taught element of the programme.

A CARD review achieves the following:

  • identifies issues raised by students, staff and external stakeholders and any actions taken in response;
  • provides a place to record good practice and innovation and identify examples for sharing with a wider audience;
  • allows reflection on how the curriculum has been delivered in the academic year in question.

Report forms are completed by Programme Directors to record and share the findings of the programme review and the consideration of key qualitative reports, such as those written by external examiners, as well as staff and student feedback, and quantitative data on areas such as entry standards, academic attainment and student retention.

CARD report forms and guidance

Forms for the CARD review of the 2016/17 Academic Year are available below along with the guidance document explaining the process and providing a steer on what to cover in reports.

The key points for Schools to consider are as follows:

  • All programme directors are asked to convene an annual review meeting between May and September involving staff who teach or support teaching activities on the programme. This should form the basis of the report;
  • Data reports will be released at the beginning of July via the 'CARD data repository' link;
  • The deadline to complete ‘Programme Review’ CARD reports is the end of September and reports should be considered by SLTC and SSLC meetings;
  • The deadline for School Summary CARD reports is 17th November and all reports (School and Programme Review) should be sent to Quality Assurance (via by this date;
  • Guidance on how to respond to the Annual Enhancement Theme has already been published and can be found here.

Guidance for the CARD process, 2016-17

CARD Programme Review Form 2016-17

CARD School Summary Form 2016-17

CARD Language Centre Programme Review Form 2016-17

CARD Language Centre Summary Form 2016-17



CARD summary diagram (2016-17 version)

Detailed timeline
September ULTC decides the annual theme
March Guidance on the annual theme published
May Quality Assurance publishes CARD forms and guidance on the website
May-September All Programme Directors convene an annual review meeting
Beginning of July Management Information data files are published
End of September Completion of Programme CARD reports
October/November SLTC receives Programme CARD reports; also shared with SSLC
Mid-November Deadline to send Programme and School/Unit Summary Reports to QA
December/January FLTC receive School/Unit Reports; also shared with QAC
March Overview report to ULTC by QA/LPDC

Annual enhancement theme

The Annual Enhancement Theme provides a mechanism for evidence-based investigation into aspects of the Learning & Teaching Strategy or other key curriculum drivers. It is decided by the University Learning & Teaching Committee (ULTC) and specified on 'CARD Programme Review' and 'School/Unit Summary' forms.

2017/18 theme

The theme agreed by ULTC for the Academic Year 2017/18 is: 'What opportunities are there to develop the career management and employability skills of your students?'

Guidance to support Schools in reflecting on the theme is available here: Guidance for the CARD Annual Enhancement Theme, 2017-18

Any questions?

For questions about the process please contact Ed McCauley in Quality Assurance,, 01782 734475

For questions about the Management Information data reports please contact Nick Dawson in Planning,, 01782 733953