Induction information for Single Hons BSc Psychology and Education

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Hi and a very warm welcome to the Single Honours BSc Psychology and Education course. My name is Lucy James and I am a Teaching Fellow in the School of Psychology and Programme Lead for Psychology and Education. We are very excited to have developed this route with the School of Social, Political and Global Studies and believe these two subjects complement each other extremely well and will provide a great basis for future careers.

We very much look forward to meeting you and working with you over the next three years!

Dr Lucy James, Course Lead

Our Single Honours Psychology and Education course enables students to study Psychology in conjunction with Education providing the opportunity to gain in-depth understanding of psychology in an important applied context. Studying Single Honours Psychology and Education is perfect if you are interested in the social and cognitive aspects of learning and studying. While the Psychology modules focus on cognitive, developmental and social psychology, Education modules complement this by emphasizing their policy or school-based applications. You will be able to study both quantitative and qualitative research techniques. Together these subjects provide a great opportunity to gain in-depth understanding of psychology in action, in a vitally important aspect of life and society. You will study educational topics such as the nature of learning, childhood and educational inclusion, as well as the history of education. You will also study psychology topics relevant to education including developmental psychology, social psychology, cognitive psychology and applied psychology.

List of Modules

Your course consists of a combination of compulsory and optional modules. Use this link to choose what option modules you’d like to study. You may also use the link to change elective modules up to three weeks after they have begun.

Here is a list of the compulsory and option modules that you will be studying. All of the modules are shared with students on other BSc Psychology or Education routes including Single Honours Psychology.

Please note that staffing changes may lead to modules being removed or replaced. We will keep you updated via announcements in class and by email.

Your personal tutor can help you decide which modules to choose. Drop them an email to arrange a meeting.

Course details

For detailed information of this course, including the course aims, principles of programme design, what you will learn, details on how the course is taught and assessed, the course structure including a list of modules at each level, contact time and expected workload, teaching staff, learning resources, available support for students, accreditation, regulations, additional costs to expect, quality management and credits needed to be earned for final and intermediate awards, please see the Programme Specification document here.