Induction information for Combined Honours BSc Psychology


Hi and a very warm welcome to the Combined Honours BSc Psychology course. You will be spending 50% of your time at university in the School of Psychology and the psychology teaching team and I intend that the next three years will be full of discovery and excitement as you read and learn about some of the key ideas, theories and research from within the discipline of Psychology. Whether you are new to Keele or progressing from Foundation Year, it’s great to have you with us!

Dr Richard Stephens, Course Director



Studying Psychology as one half of a combined honours course will enable you to develop your psychological knowledge and skills, particularly your critical thinking and research skills, while studying a second subject to degree level. The psychology that you study as part of a Combined Honours Psychology course at Keele follows the same curriculum as Single Honours and is taught by the same dedicated group of academic staff. This means that the choice of topics is broadly similar to that in Single Honours, ranging from brain electrophysiology to studies on alcohol, and from conflict resolution and forgiveness to research on how young people respond to advertising. Where Combined Honours Psychology differs from Single Honours is that it includes approximately half of the Psychology content of the Single Honours Psychology course, and so Combined Honours students do not study as full a range of topics within Psychology as the Single Honours students would. Nevertheless, the combined honours Psychology courses is British Psychological Society accredited, such that it is recognised as a Psychology BSc necessary when applying for postgraduate or employment opportunities in Psychology.

List of Modules

Your course consists of a combination of compulsory and optional modules. Use this link to choose what option modules you’d like to study. You may also use the link to change elective modules up to three weeks after they have begun. 

Here is a list of the compulsory and option modules that you will be studying. All of the modules are shared with students on other BSc Psychology routes including Single Honours Psychology.

Please note that staffing changes may lead to modules being removed or replaced. We will keep you updated via announcements in class and by email.

Your personal tutor can help you decide which modules to choose. Drop them an email to arrange a meeting.

Course details

For detailed information of this course, including the course aims, principles of programme design, what you will learn, details on how the course is taught and assessed, the course structure including a list of modules at each level, contact time and expected workload, teaching staff, learning resources, available support for students, accreditation, regulations, additional costs to expect, quality management and credits needed to be earned for final and intermediate awards, please see the Programme Specification document here.