Madeline Wilkes. Third Year Psychology student.

I am in my third year of Psychology BSc degree and I will graduate in 2021. 

Whilst looking for a psychology course to pursue I had a few criteria: the lecturers are current in their fields of study, the university campus had to have a welcoming feel, and the Psychology resources are broad and up to date – just to name a few. Keele met all of these. The whole of Keele has been welcoming and the Psychology team are always free to answer any questions no matter how bizarre! One particular highlight of my time at Keele was during my time as a volunteer research assistant for a study on visual ambiguity, which gave me access to the school’s EEG machine. I was able to see what everyday research entails and learn how to set up an EEG machine on a participant. Keele’s focus on an enriching educational experience and hands-on involvement in current research has led me to pursue a masters in Cognitive Psychology and Neuropsychology after graduation.