Selection of books written by members of the School


Change your life for good - Emee Estascio - Feb18

Change Your Life For Good

Emee Estacio

ISBN-13: 978-1981763986

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Forgiveness is really strange by Masi Noor - Mar 18

Forgiveness is Really Strange

Masi Noor

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Loneliness in Childhood and Adolescence _ Ken Rotenberg

Loneliness in Childhood and Adolescence

Edited by Ken J. Rotenberg and Shelley Hymel

ISBN-13: 978-0521088923

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Claire Fox, Young men and domestic violence. 2015  

Young Men and Domestic Violence

David Gadd, Claire L. Fox, Mary-Louise Corr, Steph Alger and Ian Butler
ISBN-13: 978-0415722117

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The Handbook of Counselling Children and Young People. - Maggie Robson  

The Handbook of Counselling Children and Young People

Edited by Sue Pattison, Maggie Robson and Ann Beynon

ISBN: 9781446252994

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Black Sheep by Richard Stephens - Apr15

Black Sheep:
The Hidden Benefits of Being Bad

Dr Richard Stephens

ISBN: 9781473610811 

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New Direction in Health Psychology - Michael Murray 2015  

New Directions in Health Psychology (Five Volumes)

Edited by Michael Murray and Kerry Chamberlain

ISBN: 9781446287606

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Interpersonal Trust During Childhood and Adolescence book cover  

Interpersonal Trust During Childhood and Adolescence

Edited by Ken Rotenberg

ISBN 0521887992

Task Switching and Cognitive Control by Jim Grange - May 2014  

Task Switching and Cognitive Control

Edited by Jim Grange

ISBN: 9780199921959

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Introducing ANOVA and ANCOVA
a GLM approach

Andrew Rutherford
ISBN 0-7619-5161-X

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Developmental Psychology and You

Julia Berryman, Pamela Smythe, Ann Taylor, Alexandra Lamont and Richard Joiner 

ISBN: 0631233903

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Qualitative Health Psychology

Edited by Michael Murray and Kerry Chamberlain

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Exploring the Musical Mind

John Sloboda


ICT and Special Educational Needs

Edited by Lani Florian and John Hegarty


Learning and Studying A Research Perspective

James Hartley

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Academic Writing and Publishing
A practical Handbook

James Hartley


De signing Instructional Text

James Hartley

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Critical Health Psychology 2nd Edition - M Murray 2014

Critical Health Psychology

ISBN: 9781137282651

Edited by Michael Murray

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Music and Emotion: Theory and Research

Edited by Patrik Juslin and John Sloboda

ISBN 0-19-263188-8

Health Psychology 5th edition - Michael Murray 2018, Emee Estacio  

Health Psychology, 4th edition

Theory, Research and practice

David F. Marks,Michael Murray,Brian Evans, Emee Estacio

ISBN: 9781446295076

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The Applied Psychologist
Second edition

Edited by James Hartley and Alan Branthwaite

ISBN: 0-335-20284 - 5

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Disclosure Processes in Children and Adolescents _ Ken Rotenberg

Disclosure Process in Children and Adolescents 

 Edited by Ken Rotenberg

ISBN: 978021028608

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