Cognitive and Biological Research Group

The group conducts empirical and theoretical investigations addressing questions across the broad range of cognitive and biological psychology. Core themes include executive functioning, selective attention, memory processes (context-dependent memory; recollection and familiarity; false memory), visual perception (faces, scenes, and objects), emotional language, social cognition, and the effects of ageing, clinical disorders, alcohol, and neuro-degenerative disorders on cognition. We use a variety of methods to address our questions, including behavioural measurement, eye-tracking, EEG, brain stimulation, computational modelling, and neuropsychological investigations.


For further information regarding the Cognitive and Biological Research Group, please contact the Research Group Lead Dr Joseph Brooks.

For more information on our research facilities, please see our Equipment & Facilities page.

We offer a thriving and dynamic environment for both research and teaching excellence. We are proud of our high profile research activity, our external impact, and our strong portfolio of courses. We offer a portfolio of MSc Psychology courses in Cognitive Psychology, Child Development, Psychology of Health and Wellbeing and Applied Social and Political Psychology, which integrate well with our research themes.