Stoke Reads Mindset Kit

Welcome to the Stoke Reads Mindset Kit online resources.

Here you will find the most up to date version of the kit, there are two versions available to download.

The first is a version to view electronically which presents you with the pages in order. The other is a version which is setup to allow you to print copies of the toolkit, there is a guide on how to do this.

This version of the kit is optimised for viewing online.

PDF (3,202 KB)

This version is optimised to allow you to print copies of the kit. You will need a printer which can print A3, double sided (duplex) and ideally in colour.

PDF (10,587 KB)

Printable version guide:

Set the printer to print on both sides of the paper and flip on the long edge, as highlighted in the picture below. This setting may be elsewhere depending the software you use to view PDF documents, but you need to ensure that the paper is flipped on the long edge.

Large image of print info


These labels have suggestions of written feedback you may want to use to promote growth mindsets. They are saved as a MS Word document which you can edit if you would like to.

Facebook group

We have an active Facebook group which we would be delighted for you to join. This group is a community space which we can all share any growth mindset ideas or content you think other educators may find useful. This can be anything from a new book or movie with a growth mindset message to how you helped a pupil develop a growth mindset.