Dr. Sarah Laurence

Title: Lecturer
Phone: +44 (0)1782 734246
Email: s.k.laurence@keele.ac.uk
Location: Dorothy Hodgkin Building 1.77
Role: Year Zero Lead
Contacting me: By Phone or Email
Sarah Laurence 200 x 200 - Sept15

I completed both my BSc and Ph.D. in Psychology at the University of Sussex supervised by Dr Graham Hole. I then spent two years as a Postdoctoral Fellow at Brock University, Canada, working with Prof Cathy Mondloch in the Face Perception Lab. I joined Keele in September 2015 as a Lecturer in Psychology.

My research interests centre on the topic of face perception. I am currently conducting research that aims to understand: a) the development of face perception during childhood; b) the nature of our representations of familiar identities; c) face recognition in applied settings.

Please contact me if you are interested in working on any of the topics I’ve listed above at undergraduate or postgraduate level.

Research Projects:

  • 2016/19 British Academy/ Leverhulme Small Research Grant (£9849)
    Title: Children’s face recognition: Does variability help children learn the faces of new people?
  • 2018/2021 ESRC New Investigator (£235,344)
    Title: Recognition of the Ageing Face
  • Proietti, V., Laurence, S., Matthews, C. M., Zhou, X., & Mondloch, C. J. (In Press). Attending to identity cues reduces the own-age but not the own-race recognition advantage. Vision Research.
  • Baker, K., Laurence, S. & Mondloch, C. J. (2017). How does a newly encountered face become familiar? The effect of within-person variability on adults' and children's perception of identity. Cognition, 161, 19-30.
  • Farrell, A., Semplonius, T., Farrell, M., Zhou, X., Laurence, S., Evans, A. D., Willoughby, T., Mahy, C. E. V., & Mondloch, C. J. (2016). Research activity in Canadian developmental psychology programs. Canadian Psychology, 57, 76-82.
  • Laurence, S. & Mondloch, C. J. (2016). That's my teacher! Children's ability to recognize personally familiar and unfamiliar faces improves with age. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, 143, 123 –138.
  • Laurence, S., Zhou, X. & Mondloch, C. J. (2016). The flip side of the other-race coin: They all look different to me. British Journal of Psychology, 107, 374 –388.
  • Laurence, S., Hole, G. & Hills, P. J. (2014). Lecturers' faces fatigue their students: Face identity aftereffects for dynamic and static faces. Visual Cognition, 22 (8), 1072-1083.
  • Laurence, S. & Hole, G. (2012). Identity specific adaptation with composite faces. Visual Cognition, 20(2), 109-120.
  • Laurence, S. & Hole, G. (2011). The effect of familiarity on face adaptation. Perception, 40(4), 450-463.

Year 1

  • PSY-10017 Biological and Cognitive Psychology

Year 2

  • PSY-20005 Biological Psychology, Perception, and Cognition
  • PSY-20038 Cognitive Development

Year 3

  • PSY-30061 Final Year Project 
  • PSY-30123 Faces, Forensics and Forgetting 
  • PSY-30125 Culture and Psychology

Year 4

  • PSY-40038 Research Apprenticeship in Psychology
  • PSY-40045 Dissertation
  • PSY-40046 Advanced Study in Child Development
  • PSY-40047 Research Preparation