I am an applied psychologist with broad interests; however, the majority of my work is focussed on the psychology of education. I am a Keele University graduate, having initially read Psychology and Neuroscience, I then completed a PhD titled “Enabling teachers to promote incremental theories of intelligence in young children: an intervention and an instrument”. This was supervised by Drs Yvonne Skipper, Jim Grange, and Mark Trueman and examined by Professor David Putwain and Dr Richard Remedios. I also hold a Postgraduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education.

I was appointed as a lecturer in the School in 2018. I co-lead the Keele Children and Young People’s Research Network and also sit on the committee of the Developmental Psychology Section of the British Psychological Society, I am also a member of the European Association for Learning and Instruction. I am committed to transparent practices in scientific research and am the School Open Science Champion and a member of the Society for the Improvement of Psychological Science.

Research and scholarship

I am an applied developmental psychologist; I am interested in how we learn and how this can change over the life course. My research is mainly focussed across three areas:

Intervention science – what are the most effective ways of changing behaviours or educating specific topics in focussed and targeted sessions?

Self-limiting behaviours in education – why do some students develop patterns of behaviour that inhibit their ability or willingness to learn?

The influence of policy on student outcomes – how does policy (both local and national) influence the classrooms students are educated in and how does this influence their outcomes?

I would be happy to hear from prospective undergraduate or postgraduate (taught and research) students in any of these areas, please do get in touch if you would like to discuss this further.




  • PSY10019 – Applied Psychology (Lecturer)
  • PSY10033 – Introduction to Developmental Psychology (Tutor)
  • PSY10034 – Introduction to Biological and Cognitive Psychology (Tutor)
  • PSY20038 – Cognitive Developmental (Lecturer)
  • PSY20043 – Survey and Qualitative Research Methods (Laboratory Leader)
  • PSY20044 – Statistics for Psychology (Lecturer and Laboratory Leader)
  • PSY30061 – Final Year Project (Supervisor)
  • PSY30067 – Individual Difference and Conceptual Issues (Lecturer)
  • PSY40039 – Advanced Research Skills and Design (Lecturer)
  • PSY40071 – Advanced Studies in Child Development (Lecturer)


  • Director of Education
  • Undergraduate Psychology Programmes Director
  • Open Science Champion
  • Open Day and Offer Holder Day Team Member
  • Special Interest Leader (Research Methods)

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