I completed my PhD in February 2017 at the University of Portsmouth. My doctoral thesis at the School of Health Sciences and Social Work (SHSSW) concentrated on health and wellbeing challenges encountered by ex-military personnel of the British Armed Forces and their lived experiences, and the impact of those experiences on their families and their social networks. Prior to admission to the doctorate programme, I completed a Masters in Counselling Psychology at the California Institute of Integral Studies. I received clinical practicum training in somatic psychotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), Gestalt therapy, and play therapy as part of a school-based intervention programme in San Francisco, promoting the implementation of child, adolescent and family support for improved academic performance. 

From 2017-2019, I was a Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow in Qualitative Psychology at Liverpool Hope University, Liverpool. In June 2019, I joined Keele University School of Psychology as a Teaching Fellow, teaching qualitative research methods. I am also a part-time Lecturer teaching research methods and supervising clinical trainees in the Professional Doctorate Clinical Psychology at Staffordshire University.

Research and scholarship

My research is influenced by qualitative research approaches to understanding the needs of individuals and preferred as well as evidence-based social and psychological interventions. My current research interests are two-fold and centre on narratives of lived experiences in:

  1. UK veterans (including injured ex-military personnel, those diagnosed with combat-related trauma, and alcohol dependency), interventions to support veterans’ integration in civilian life, and the psychological wellbeing of their family members.
  2. Adults diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Condition (ASC) and the development of interventions to meet challenges of social interaction.


Previous Research Interests

Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy
Early research interests concentrated on adolescent psychotherapy from multiple perspectives, which incorporated psychological, physiological, philosophical and spiritual themes of adolescents in crisis. My Master's dissertationcentred on dissociation in children using the clinical examination of a case study to understand how children embody and dissociate from traumatic and fearful experiences.


I teach on the undergraduate BSc psychology and postgraduate psychology programmes, and I am one of the module leads on the undergraduate PSY-20043 module. I will also be supervising BSc and MSc research projects.

  • PSY-10026 - Mental health and distress (Semester 2)
  • PSY-10036 - Intro to Research Design
  • PSY-20034 - Social psyc in the modern world (Semester 2) 
  • PSY-20043 - Qualitative and Survey Research Design
  • PSY-30104 Psyc of Autism (Semester 2)
  • PSY-30061 Final Year Project