I returned to Keele as a PhD student in 2018, after completing my BSc and PGCE here in 2013. I have since completed an MSc in Cognitive Neuroscience and Brain Imaging at Liverpool Hope University, where I have used EEG to examine the neural correlates of economic decision-making under supervision from Dr Michel Spape (Spape & Dundas, 2020). 
My PhD project here at Keele examines whether there are particular brain states that influence our perception of visually ambiguous stimuli such as the Necker cube and Rubin’s faces/vase. I use EEG to measure brain activity before and during presentation of these stimuli and then use conventional ERP and more advanced multivariate pattern analysis (MVPA) to analyse the patterns of neural activity which are linked to a perceptual reversals.

Michiel M. Spapé & Kimberley Dundas (2020), I’ll make you an offer you can refuse: How socially sensitive is the MFN?, Social Neuroscience, 15:1, 123-127.

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