I am a PhD candidate within the School of Psychology. My research currently involves trying to reduce harmful alcohol consumption by Keele students through the implementation of several alcohol interventions. I am supervised by Dr Richard Stephens, Dr Emee Estacio and Prof. Claire Fox.
Previously, I completed a Psychology BSc as the University of Liverpool where I investigates the effects of acute alcohol consumption and environment on consumer choice, supervised by Dr Abi Rose. Following this I came to Keele to complete my Psychology MSc where I implemented the NCHIP online drinking survey to Keele University and researched risk factors for Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD), supervised by Dr Richard Stephens. I was also involved in research which explored the health consequences of the alcohol hangover with Dr Lauren Owen.
Keele University is now a member of NUS Alcohol Impact; a programme designed to change behaviours by creating a social norm of responsible alcohol consumption at a key moment in students’ lives. Alongside my PhD, I will be acting as Keele’s Alcohol Impact Officer partially based in Keele’s Student Support department. My role is to ensure the smooth running of the project and ensure that Keele achieves accreditation. This role is overseen by Ian Munton (Head of Student Support & Development Services).

Publications and Funding


Peer review: I am a co-author on: Stephens, R, Holloway, K., Grange, J, Jones, K, Owen, L. Does familial risk for alcohol use disorder predict alcohol hangover? Submitted to Psychopharmacology in Feb 2017.


PsyPAG Domestic Conference Bursary £100 (2016); KPA Bursary £308 (2016); Internal Funding £433 (2016/17)

Conferences and Presentations


  • Keele Psychology Postgraduate Symposium, Keele, April 2016
  • Keele Social Sciences Annual Symposium, Keele, May 2016
  • PsyPAG Annual Conference, York, July 2016
  • (Application submitted) Keele Natural Sciences Postgraduate Symposium, Keele, May 2017
  • (Application submitted) Kettil Bruun Annual Meeting, Sheffield, June 2017


  • ILAS Thinking Outside the Frame Conference, Keele, April 2016
  • BPS Psychobiology Annual Scientific Meeting, Windermere, September 2016
  • Alcohol Research UK, London, April 2017


  • BPS Annual Conference, Nottingham, May 2016 [Steward]
  • European Symposium for Substance Use amongst Students (ESSUS), Rouen, France, June 2016

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