Dr. John Hegarty

Title: Senior Lecturer
Phone: (+44) 01782 7 33386
Email: j.r.hegarty@keele.ac.uk
Location: Dorothy Hodgkin Building 1.70
Role: Open and visit day coordinator
Contacting me: Email or Phone

I am an applied psychologist, interested in the application of psychology to real life. I'm particularly interested in ways to make a change - for example, the psychotherapies (including hypnosis, behavioural management techniques, and person-centred approaches) and also in educational technologies such as computer applications for disability. But I also like the natural world and am now exploring the relatively new area of "ecopsychology" (people's relationship with the natural world and how it can help in healing).

I have an ongoing interest in ecotherapy (encouraging contact with the natural world to promote well-being) and have research contacts with several farm-based projects for mental health clients.

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  • Hegarty, J.R. (2006) The use of personal computers with adults who have developmental disability: outcomes of an organisation-wide initiative British J Developmental Disabilities, 52 (2), 133-150
  • Hegarty, J.R. (2008) Community farm ownership: a way to increase involvement in care-farming? In : Dessein, J. ed. (2008) Farming for Health. Merelbeke, Belgium: ILVO
  • Hegarty, J.R. (2010) Out of the consulting room and into the woods? Experiences of nature connectedness and self-healing.  European Journal of Ecopsychology 1: 64-84

I am the Module Leader for "Distress and Mental Health" (psy-10026) and I contribute to other first-year core and elective modules. I supervise Final Year (Level 6) dissertations and contribute to other final-year modules. I teach an ecotherapy workshop for our MSc Counselling and Psychotherapy students and also supervise dissertations on this course.