I completed my BSc in Psychology and Criminology at Keele University, followed by an MSc in Psychology of Health and Wellbeing. Currently, I am completing my PhD at Keele studying discursive constructions of alcohol use in public texts. This project will further go on to identify how these discourses are reproduced by alcohol practitioners and the impact these discourses may have on effective communication with their clients.

In addition to my academic work experience, I remain interested in the clinical aspects of Psychology and as such am currently employed as a Mental Health Support Worker in a psychiatric hospital and volunteer weekly as an Assistant Psychologist. I have extensive experience with a wide range of individuals with different mental health concerns such as personality disorder, schizophrenia, depression, anxiety, and substance misuse. This employment helps to set my research in context and continually helps to keep me motivated regarding my own work in these areas.

In addition to my PhD, I currently hold the following positions:

  • Editor for the Qualitative Methods in Psychology Bulletin. Please email me if you are interested in completing a book review for the QMiP Bulletin.
  • Editor for the PsyPAG Quarterly Journal. Please email myself or if you would like submit a piece for The Quarterly.
  • Coordinator of the Qualitative Psychology Forum at Keele University.

Research and scholarship

My predominant research methodology is using Conversation Analysis to study interaction and communication. I am most interested in a broad range of healthcare settings such as counselling and alcohol use. 
My undergraduate final year project used CA to focus upon the ways in which laughter is used within romantic relationships in order to mitigate and diffuse potential arguments. 
During my MSc I studied student counsellor’s effective communication using CA. I hope to return to my data in the near future and create a workshop or training material which is specifically applicable to these counselling students. 
Currently, my PhD is focusing upon the discursive constructions and framing of alcohol use. This includes publicly available texts from both professional and general public sources, alongside conversations from World Cafes and focus groups. This will develop an understanding on the different ways in which alcohol use is discussed, including considering the boundaries between different levels of alchol use and how and where blame is attributed.
I am particularly keen to ensure my research is applied and can be effective for practice. Therefore, I plan to continue this research and ultimately create guidance documents for professionals based upon my research.